Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby health care-frequently asked questions

Who may not happy after giving birth to a child? It is a great joy of being a parent. But with joy it also brings responsibility and tension about the care of the child. There are many parents who feel themselves confused in many aspects of baby care. In this article, we have tried to make their tension and confusion less. We have shown few frequently asked questions that are most common about the child care with their appropriate answers. Let’s have a look at.1. What is good, Breast feed or bottle feed?Ans. Breast feed is better than bottle feed. There are many reasons for this. First reason is that, Breast milk contains all the natural nutrients that are needed to your baby for the development and growth. Secondly, Breast feeding is perfectly matched for any child. There are lots of other benefits of breast feeding. Breast feeding has advantages for baby, mom, family, and to your future. However, the choice of the way of breast feeding is depended on mother, baby and even dad2. What care should I take while bathing my child?Ans. Bathing is important to your child. The things that you should consider are timing of bath, temperature of the water, quality of the soap and shampoo, etc. You should give a bath to the child almost once daily. Still it depends on the baby’s health and many other factors. You should ask to the doctor about the timings. The normal temperature of water might be comfortable to your baby. You should be ensured about the quality of the products you are going to use for bathing you child. 3. What care should I take about the medicines of the baby?Ans. Medicines play a vital role to keep your child healthy. If they are not given properly, they may leave side effects on your baby. You should ask everything to the doctor before having the medicine for the children. If you are about to give your child over-the-count medicine, ask your doctor whether it would be safe for you baby or not. Decide the appropriate amount of medicine. Don’t overdose the medicine neither give a little amount of medicine. The amount of medicine and other related information can be found on the label of the medicine. Shack the liquid medicines as well if specified in the label. . Keep medicines in their original packaging. If you lose a label or a set of directions, throw the medicine away. Giving it your best guess isn't worth the risk4. What is Baby Log Application and how to keep it what does it contain?Ans. A baby log application is software that helps you keep track of your baby’s timings. Calendar wise arrangement for the daily notes and events, feed, bath, medicine, and other timings storage for your child, are the features of the baby log. It also alerts you when the time has come for particular event.So, those where few FAQ s asked by most of the parents. The answers given are suitable for them. Use them in development of you child.--Get complete information about baby daily log and baby daily log application. Visit our website for more information.Source:
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