Monday, July 20, 2009

Boot Camps – The Best way to Reduce Flab and Get Fit

In order to stay fit, people try as many methods as possible. Reducing weight and keeping body in shape has become more of a fashion statement in today’s society. Along with a healthy body, these methods enhance overall personality of a person. Joining a fitness boot camp is also an innovative method of exercising and staying fit. But there is lot of difference between other methods and fitness boot camps. Fitness boot camps have become very popular and the reasons are many as detailed below.The basic reason for popularity of fitness boot camps is that they are designed in such a fashion that the participants achieve total workout in a very less time. In half an hour, these participants undergo drill exercises, jumping, running, and other such exercises which increase overall body metabolism rate. This greatly helps in reducing calories and weight, while also augmenting cardiac fitness. These exercises can be performed by anyone, from a child to elderly person to an athlete. There is no need to spend hours in a gym hoping for results to take effect.Another reason for popularity of fitness boot camps is that they enhance friendships and create a friendly atmosphere. These boot camps are held for a small group of 15-20 people. The people are from different walks of life and in different age groups, who have come together to achieve the same objective. This feeling of friendship encourages active participation and provides for strength and motivation. One develops friendships and also gets emotional support. These feelings help in getting over the strenuous exercises and achieve the objective behind attending these fitness boot camps. Fitness boot camps are generally held outdoors. The popular locations are parks, open spaces lined with trees, or huge gardens. In case they are held indoors, then the area is big enough to let a small group of 15-20 persons run, jump and do other exercises without any problems. The unique locations make these camps highly popular. This is a change in the atmosphere for many city dwellers that do not see much open spaces in their cities. Open spaces refresh you and energize you to carry on the exercises. In a closed gym surroundings, you do not get these kinds of energizing experiences. Fitness boot camps are run by qualified fitness trainers. Most of these trainers are retired army or navy officers and highly professional. They know the entire gamut of training involved and try to get results in a very professional and fun-filled manner. There is no forcing or going beyond one’s limit. These facts make these camps very popular as the whole idea of joining such camps is to achieve a good fitness and weight reduction.Last but not the least, these fitness boot camps have very competitive fees. Very less if compared to membership fees of a fitness club or a gym.--Primarily based on your own bodyweight, this Boot Camp in Toronto is created for all fitness levels. From beginners to Elite athletes who have reached a plateau with their workout routines.You will be professionally guided by expert Personal Trainer, through a workout routine that will burn Between 800 to 1000 calories â€" guaranteed!Source:

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