Monday, July 6, 2009

The Characteristics of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress is an increasingly popular filling. So what are the characteristics of memory foam?

Memory foam mattress is different from traditional materials in that it is completely homogeneous - the same everywhere. There are no springs or stuffing positions and move out of the enclosure material. Foam polyurethane foam, which is somewhat similar to the expanded polystyrene used in packaging and takeaway coffee cups. Unlike polystyrene foam, however, it can not be compressed to a near solid state. It will, after compression, to regain its original shape, but depending on the details of its manufacture, which will take varying periods of time.

Generally, surfactants, including the dishes every day is an example, are used to regulate the size of the cells (bubbles) in the foam. This allows a variety of foam densities to produce, and thus gives the consumer a range of memory foam mattresses of different firmness to choose.

One of the characteristics of the foam density is the rapidity with which its original form can be restored, and to what extent it can be compressed. For example, a high-density foam memory will be more difficult to compress a foam low density memory. This means that if you want a mattress to be quickly fashion itself the contours of your body, low density memory foam in May, the better.

On the other hand, if a high density foam is initially less sensitive to the pressure of a low density foam, ie less likely to warp under the weight of the slumbers, it will be However, responding to body heat and mold to the berth of the body as it warms. This gives a more slowly than the density of the foam slightly, but this means that once the desired sleeping position was found, it will be gradual, a few minutes to answer the bed weight.

An advantage of a temperature sensitive response is that, while the upper layers of the mattress is deformed in response to temperature, the sub-domains, which will not be affected by body temperature as a result of the foam insulation, will not. This gives a gradation of the strength from top to bottom, and thus gives the foam, both of support and responsiveness. Photobucket

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