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Chiropractic Treatments Help Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers go through a lot to take care of their health and the health of their babies. Having regular chiropractic adjustments prior to conception and during pregnancy can greatly improve overall health and significantly reduce the pain and complications of childbirth without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures.It's All About NervesPain is the body's most effective self defense mechanism. When pain is experienced nerves all over the body relay information to the brain. The brain then instantly sends information through the nervous system back to the body to remedy the situation. In the case of physical trauma the body reacts instantly. You don't have to think about moving when burned, you just react.A large portion of the nerves that control the body are bundled in the spinal column. When vertebrae shift they can pinch these nerves causing pain, loss of sensation and decreased mobility.Internal pain is an indicator that something is wrong within the body. Asheville chiropractor, Dr. David Nygaard, owner of Atlas Family Chiropractic explains, "Physical, chemical and emotional stresses cause muscles to contract around the spine. This causes joints to lock, irritating surrounding nerves."Maintaining a healthy nervous system is vital to the bodys' overall function. Chiropractic adjustments relieve these stresses allowing the spine to return to its natural position and surrounding nerves and muscles to function properly. Chiropractic Adjustments Aid In Conception, Development and ChildbirthHaving a natural childbirth with minimal pain and complications is a top priority of most mothers. Long, painful labors are often caused by the baby not being in the correct position for childbirth. The Use of forceps, c-sections and other invasive medical interventions can often be prevented by allowing optimal room for the child to move within and exit from the mother. Dr. Nygaard speaks on the importance of getting the body in its best condition for childbirth. "Receiving chiropractic care prior to conception promotes a more regular menstrual cycle (improving the chance of conception) and optimal uterine function," he says. As the child develops, the mother's spine and pelvis adapts to create space and support increased weight. Regular chiropractic care helps the body adjust to the increased weight and strain put on the mother's body. This can alleviate many of the "normal" aches and pains associated with pregnancy.The expanding uterus is supported by ligaments anchored to the pelvis. If the pelvis and spine are not properly aligned, ligaments can constrict the uterus from expanding fully and symmetrically causing the baby to have less room to develop. This condition, known as intrauterine constraint, can affect development of the spine and skull and also restrict the baby's ability to turn into the best position for birth. According to Dr. Nygaard, "Regular chiropractic care helps maintain uterine ligament flexibility and balance. When the growing baby is comfortable it can assume the optimal birthing position." In addition to constricting the uterus, a misaligned pelvis decreases the diameter of pelvic opening further complicating delivery. "Mothers who get adjusted during the birth process seem to require less intervention. When the mother remains supple, the baby can move more easily through the birth canal," Dr. Nygaard says.Alternative Health Care in Western North CarolinaDesa Canner, resident of Western North Carolina, a former doula and mother of four, considers the chiropractic care she received during her pregnancies a godsend. "In my third and fourth pregnancies I experienced a lot of pain in my lower back and pelvis. My regular trips to the chiropractor were invaluable in relieving my pain. My biggest testament to chiropractic care is the birth of my third child. He was born ten pounds four ounces. I received regular adjustments throughout pregnancy and he was born at home with no complications. I also found it to be a great help after pregnancy as my body adjusted back to its' normal size."Preventative medicine is becoming more popular. As people look to treat the cause of problems and not just alleviate the systems it becomes clear that the human body is a complicated organism that must be treated as a whole. For more information about these and other treatments visit: Sullivan is the Executive Vice President of Write Away, Inc. - a public relations and marketing firm based in Weaverville, NC. He also often writes for regional& national publications about local history, farming, culture and food. He graduated with a degree in communications from Alfred University in New York State and then went on to attend culinary school in NYC where he graduated in the top percent of his class. He proceeded to work in high-end restaurants in New York City, Martha's Vineyard, MA and Naples, FL. Bryan currently lives in Asheville, NC with Liisa and their Black Lab, Annie.For more information about these and other treatments visit: http://atlasfamilychiropractic.netSource:
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