Thursday, July 9, 2009

The evil effect of drug addiction

Drug Rehab:Drug Rehab was brought about to combat the evil effect of drug addiction as its use became more and more prevalent among teenagers and adolescents. The punk and rock culture that was prevalent made the use of these drugs appear 'cool' and once caught in the grip of this evil, the individual became more and more dependent on its use. Drug Rehabilitation is basically a support system, which offers substance abuse treatment for recovery from any type of addiction via drugs and alcohol. Through it, the individual is helped to reduce dependency on whatever substance abuse he has been using so far. He/she also learns behavioral changes and is prescribed medication as part of their rehab.Drug rehab is where those addicted to drugs learn that their conditions are treatable. Counseling, psychotherapy, support groups or family therapy are all a part of drug rehab.It is often advised that a patient stays at least 3 months in drug rehab, as those who stay longer have better results than those who spend less time.Drug rehab is about undergoing a process of de-addiction so that staying and remaining clean becomes a habit. It is all about getting stable and remaining stable long after the treatment is over.Most of those who enter drug rehab often undergo a 9 step path which is a road leading to recovery depending on the mindset of the patient and how much he/she wishes to come totally clean.AddictionAddiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. Everyone is addicted to something to some extent at some point in their life. The obvious addictions are substance addictions which include tobacco, alcohol and drugs. And then there are the "process" addictions, the mood-altering behaviors or activities which include gambling, sex, love, work, shopping, computers, cell phones, etc. There is a growing recognition that many addicts are addicted to more than one substance or process.Mental HealthMental Health conditions affect millions of Americans. These can include psychological and biological disorders. Conditions fall under the following: • Mood disorders• Schizophrenia and Psychotic disorders • Personality disorders • Anxiety-stress disordersTreatment OptionsAddiction:An addiction treatment program can offer critical support as well as important tools to promote a healthy and sustainable recovery. Without these tools, a person can stop using alcohol but continue to repeat the same unhealthy behavior patterns. The person may simply replace the alcohol addiction with other unhealthy addictions.Medication: In recent years there has been a great deal of confusion about the role of medications in chemical dependency treatment. False and outdated beliefs have created barriers affecting the use of medications to treat chemical dependency, specifically in chemical dependency treatment centers.--http://www.drug-rehab911.comSource:
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