Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evolution of humans and the Mattress...

Beds and mattresses have a history that is about as long as that of civilized man. Before written history it is thought that men slept on piles of plant material such as leaves, moss, or fronds. They may have used skins in the same way. As some people accumulated wealth, sleeping habits changed. Royal Egyptians came to see the advantage of sleeping on beds that were off the ground. Their beds were elevated sometimes to an extent that steps were needed get into them. Raised beds provided ventilation and some escape from insects and other vermin. The problem that insects brought to beds and mattresses was such a serious one that it persisted for thousands of years. The expression "don't let the bed bugs bite" was wishful thinking. Since mattresses were made of organic material, they were the perfect venue for mites and a variety of other pests. Feathers became popular as a soft and comfortable stuffing for mattresses, but they could not escape the pest problem. Even the modern home owner can experience infestations of bedding if proper care is not exercised. The pests are much less likely to be visible in a modern bedroom, but they may still exist. It is only in the relatively modern era that significant advances in bed and mattress technology have taken place. Rich ancient rulers and royals of 16th and 17th century Europe had bed frames that were works of art made of fine carved woods, metal, and ivory, but advances in sleep surface technology would come much later. Prior to the American Civil War, ropes were often used to fashion a frame that a mattress would be placed on. The expression Â"sleep tightÂ" comes from this time as the tension of the ropes could be adjusted to change the feel of the bed. Just after the civil war, inner spring technology came upon the scene. This practice produced a boxed spring, a fabric covered frame that contained coiled springs made of metal. This box, much more rigid than the mattress, served as the foundation for the mattress to rest upon. By the 1930Â's this was the dominant bed and mattress technology and remains so today. Sleep experts agree that if using this model, it is very important to buy both the mattress and the box spring at the same time. A new mattress on an old box spring or vice-versa defeats the purpose of the new piece. Many other bed systems exist today including a variety of foam mattresses that conform to the body. A consumer considering this major purchase should allocate adequate time to investigate the many options.--Welcome to the UKs largest online bed-superstore - With up to 50% off in our new year sale... Click on to take advantage of our lowest price policy!Source:
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