Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Lose 10 Pounds-00-187

I am not what you'd call a fit person and neither am I slender. That's why I have sometimes asked myself the question: How can I lose 10 pounds? 10 pounds just to begin with. According to Internet materials and diet studies, this is not something impossible. The good thing is that I have found recipes for losing this weight in periods from 1 week up.Here are some tips that could prove pretty useful to answer the dilemma of losing ten pounds without giving one too much trouble. Think for instance how much liquids you drink per day, hydration is vital for diets. An average person should drink about 200 gallons of liquid a year that usually include lots of soda, beer and milk. Tea, coffee and wine should also be added to the list of the 200 gallons. A change in the drinking habits could bring a chance to lose weight. Needs come before pleasure, that is the idea of a healthy hydration. It's not that I am suggesting drinking only water but reconsider the way you drink liquids and the quantities of liquids you take in daily.To give a good answer to the question - How can I lose 10 pounds? - you should also have in mind that liquids can also act as food or hunger inhibitors. A pulpy juice will alleviate not only thirst but hunger too, while also bringing nutrients to the body. Although the liquid diet could seem rather rough, you should keep in mind its long-term effects one month would equal about 35,000 less calorie. And this equals to the 10 pounds in your question. Tea for instance is an excellent fat burner. Green tea seems to be the best as it contains a natural compounds that increase the metabolic rate of the system. You would be amazed to find out that green tea is able to rid you of 5,000 calories within 4 weeks of use. And again: how can I lose 10 pounds? Stay as relaxed as possible and approach diet calmly, lots of people have made it that way. But some overweight suffers claim the need for self honesty. Such an approach tells you to set a realistic goal related to the ideal weight and how to reach it. Besides, you should know exactly why you want to lose weight and make sure your reason is a valid one. It may be necessary to change some things in your life so that a diet may really give the expected results.--Steve Vo is a fitness writer. If you like what you read, please visit his blog to read more about Breast Cancer New Drugorclick here if you are interested in Drug Rehab,Executive Drug RehabSource:

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