Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Infertility and Herbal Treatment

Take Alan and Brittany; a young couple with their heart that set on having a family. They've been been married for around 18 months and decide the time is right to get their first child into the world. Fast forward 12 months and still their no pregnancy. This is when the alarm just bells start to sound. And Infertility starts to enter their thoughts.They set up an appointment with their physician and then go through all the usual tests. Each using their own strength and also resolve to support each other through this complex and very difficult time. Finally it's confirmed that Brittany is infertile. The news is somewhat devastating to a couple very much in the mould of budding parents who had their hearts that set on extending their happy family; not once even not twice but three-fold.Causes of infertility :* Problems with the infertility can arise when nutrition does not reach the reproductive tissue and this can happen due to under nutrition or by poor digestion or obstruction due to toxins.* Having sex by compulsion that with a person whom you do not like.* Eating spicy or salty and hot food that increase pitta and destroys shukra (semen).* Overindulgence in the sexual activities leads to shukra kshaya. It may eventually lead to clibya (impotency).* By controlling the sexual urges for longer duration ad it leads to veeryaavarodha (Obstruction of semen) and this leads to decreased libido.* Infertility can also arise when the reproductive tissue is being damaged by infection or trauma.* Some acquire the impotency occurred by birthGeneral Guidelines for treatment:* Determine the Constitution of both the partners* Clear just any obstructions or blockages* Tonify with any weaknesses* Ensure here that the digestive fire is strong* Ensure that the nervous system is also relaxed* Being loving and loved is the best tonic for the fertilityHerbal Treatment for InfertilitySpeman Improves the Sperm Count and the Quality of SemenSpeman is effectively reported to be effective in improving the morphology and motility of the sperms, and as reported by various workers. It is a basic compound of indigenous drugs reputed to have a pharmacological action in oligospermia. It tones up the overall system and improves the general vitality and acts as a restorative and nervine tonic. Speman also effects a more complete and powerful contraction of that the seminal vesicles, as a result bringing about their complete evacuation and increases the quantity of semen ejaculated. Speman is a drug that well reported upon and reputed in an imperative clinical condition where modern medicine offers little hope.--Yoga DVD for Childless Couple and Improve Sperm and Herbal GuideSource: http://www.articletrader.com

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