Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is Your Teenager an alcoholic? Know the Signs

Underage Drinking is the primary reason of most teenage fatalities. It contributes to most teenage automobile accidents and crashes, suicides, problems at home and school, date rape and a gateway to more dangerous drugs. One of the worst fears as a parent is knowing their teenager is addicted to alcohol.If you are a parent how is concerned and you think that your teenager is facing an alcoholism problem, then you might want to know some of the most common signs of teenage drinking. The following signs mean that your teenager might be an alchoholic.• If your teenager is always trying to stay away from family and oldfriends• If your child start losing their old friends and hanging out with new, often older, friends and crowds• If your childstart to have problems in school, their grades have begun to decrease and they start skipping classes.• If your teenager start losing interest in their favourite activities and hobbies.• If you notice you child is always tire, depressed, confused, always hangover, or suffering from blackouts(not recalling where they where or what they were doing.• If you noticed a change in your child's appearance and his or her grooming.• If youstart seeing a change in their mood, always getting into fights and arguments with parents, siblings, and friends.• And finally, if they have had problems with law enforcements (for instance, a DUI or minor in possession of alcohol charge), this very well might be oneof the warning signs you need to be aware of.--The author writes on many alcoholism related issue. If you would like more info on Underage Drinking and other general facts about alcoholism please visit the links above.Source:

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