Monday, July 6, 2009

The Major Problem that is Medical Negligence

Medical negligence and medical malpractice is a major problem that threatens the health care systems around the world. Although no exact figures, it is estimated that the cost of doctors, consumers, and the entire health care system billions of dollars a year. Medical negligence is an omission of care or error, which turns out to be false. Because of the constant and the opportunity to talk about medical malpractice, professional liability insurance is required by almost all health professionals. Professional liability insurance helps reduce the risks and costs of a trial that May be filed by a patent against a health professional.

When a patent files a medical malpractice and medical negligence trial, there are a number of factors that go into it. The applicant is the person or group considers it legitimate cases of medical negligence. The defendant is the person who is accused of embezzlement. Usually, this means a doctor, but it can also be a dentist, nurse, among other health professionals. For the plaintiff to win a case of medical negligence, you need 4 things that must be proven. One, there was a duty that was owed. Also, a law was broken, which means that the practice was not in place at the time and the doctor did not follow him. Third, because of negligence, there was an injury directly resulting from negligence. Last but not least, there must be an injury. Damage or actual damage or emotional harm must be proven. In these cases, the burden of proof lies with the applicant. If the applicant can prove that the four elements must be proved, damages be awarded in May. Can be both punitive damages and compensatory in nature. A punitive damages is more difficult to obtain and it is usually only when it is granted a recklessness cases of medical negligence. Compensatory damages are commonly awarded, and may include lost wages and medical costs, among other things. In addition to compensatory damages can be issued for future losses due to medical negligence. Photobucket

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