Monday, July 6, 2009

The Many Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

The bed of the future is here today and it is the memory foam mattress. Made of open cell material, the mattress is the prescription for all ills sleeping - discomfort, lack of support, too hot, too cold, uneven surfaces, muscle pain, back tires, etc.

A memory foam mattress can transform your life. A traditional spring mattress inside by its nature, can exacerbate the pressure points. Because memory foam mattresses are made of foam, they do not push on pressure points, providing more comfort out of the door. For people who suffer from painful pressure points, memory foam mattress might improve the quality of life by significantly reducing the pain, thus improving their sleep and to wake up more rested, ready for a happy day . For those who suffer from chronic pain from pressure points, it is a very good news indeed.

But the health benefits do not stop there! For those who have chronic back pain, relief is in progress. Developed in the United States by NASA, this space age of molds and support material for superior comfort. A memory foam mattress contours your entire body, keeping the spine in perfect alignment. Gently supports the neck, again keeping aligned with your spine, alleviating painful neck. The mattress does not sag over time, so night after night, you receive the same comforting relaxing sleep that can turn a fussy who suffer from back pain in a peaceful, happy co-worker.

For those who suffer with members who go numb at night, always moving to find another job or for wake up stiff muscle cramps, this mattress is for you! This amazing material hugs your body, do not bite or pinch. Every inch from head to feet will experience the sensation of falling into the luxury, but is fully supported. Your muscles are completely relaxed, as they do not work at night to keep the balance or you find another place to get out of a pinch.

Memory is not a foam or miracle pill, a fountain of youth, but it might be your own small health spa in your own apartment! Photobucket

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