Monday, July 6, 2009

Space age technology in your bedroom

When my husband and I married, we bought a bed foam memory. It was made of the highest quality foam, designed by NASA with space technology. It would relieve pressure points while we slept, but when we moved, the foam to regain its original shape and elasticity. For years it was a dream come true. It is extremely comfortable, and none of us woke up with pain, that we had woken up with.

It was not a cheap purchase, either. On the whole, we finally move into the neighborhood of £ 1500 for our mattress and box spring. Foam mattress memory for holding many years, but after seven years of sleep, it began to lose its integrity.

The foam eventually begin to break down and not return to its original form. The result was a lumpy, bumpy mattress. He did not quite support the movement, either. After the first time we moved, we noticed a little more than a break in the support of the mattress, but it was still very comfortable. After each pass which led to a further deterioration of the mattress. After seven years, we have replaced our memory foam mattress. We bought a traditional innerspring mattress for around £ 800. It is half the price of memory foam bed, we bought at the beginning of our marriage, and I must say that only about half the level of comfort. It is extremely comfortable for the first six months, then began to deteriorate, but at a much faster rate.

Although our mattress was only half the cost of memory, we bought the foam, it will not in terms of durability and comfort. I recommend to consumers of their research before buying a new bed. Remember to spend a little more than usual on a quality mattress, because over time, you'll have your money.

A high quality mattress, a memory foam mattress, in May cost more than what you would like to spend, but it will certainly keep your expectations in terms of comfort and durability. Photobucket

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