Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Types of Hair Loss Treatments

Millions of people around the globe have to cope with hair loss. Hair loss treatments are becoming more important as people realize the effect of hair loss. We can also call hair loss balding, and the explanations for balding are countless. Though hair loss runs in the family, the scientists claim that now it can be cured by gene manipulation. Men with genetic predisposition for balding may have sensitive areas in the scalp for male sex hormones. As age advances, these sensitive areas suffer from serious biological imbalance. The male hormone DHT is the culprit that ruins the hair. Slowly, over a lengthened period, the follicles shrivel and eventually the hair becomes thinner and shorter. Hair-loss can be treated with natural cures and also through chemotherapy. There are three kinds of hair loss treatment available for the people afflicted by this condition. The first and most accepted balding treatment is the natural based treatment. The main advantage of having this kind of treatment is that there is no side effect. Other treatments may damage existing hair, making a half-bald person a fully bald person. The cosmetically based lotions, shampoos and herbal additions help plenty of people afflicted by hair loss. Several patients who used these treatments feel that by employing these products, the regrowing of hair is definitely influenced. The second type of product widely used is the topical solution. Rogaine is one of the frequently used topical solutions for hair loss treatment. The main ingredient in this product is Minoxodil. This ingredient has the ability of growing hair, which is medically proven. At times, the Minoxodil is combined with Retin A for better treatment. However, this combination cannot be bought in drugstores. The third kind of hair loss treatment broadly used among the balding people is oral treatment. Propecia is being taken orally by folk suffering from hair-loss. The main action of Propecia is to lower the chemical levels in the body, thereby obstructing the expansion of hair. In several studies it was discovered that Propecia has hair-regrowing effect.--Do you want to know the secret behind stopping hair loss? Are you wondering about the types of treatments that are available? You can find out the types of female hair loss treatments that are proven to be successful! Men can use these treatments too! For a limited time only, the author is giving away free reports worth $27! Get your free "How To Stop Hair Loss Now" report at now !Source:

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