Monday, July 6, 2009

What the memory foam trend can do for your sleep

In recent years, visco-elastic polyurethane or? Memory? foam has been popularized and used by many industries. It can be seen as a component in many medical products and cosmetics. However, no other application has been as famous as that of bedding. What was once prohibitively expensive, NASA has developed polymers used for space shuttles and intensive care units can be easily obtained by the average consumer. With all the hype surrounding the memory foam mattress, it may be difficult to determine whether the investment in a new type of mattress would be beneficial. For many, the mattress selection is a lengthy undertaking, because it is a decision you? Ll have to live with for some time. Couples will have a particularly difficult period, if they have needs and preferences. May only some memory foam mattress associated with bedridden or who have certain conditions. While the memory foam mattress help people with many diseases and conditions to find a better comfort and rest before the pain is not a prerequisite to benefit from its advantages. These preconceived ideas may create a situation where there is a desire for a better night? S rest, but indecision and misinformation can lead to the purchase of another of the same type of mattress, though far from ideal. Worse yet, no purchase of May and people are found on a mattress? After his first and n? T meet their needs. So how can we determine if the memory foam would help create the perfect bed for them? The checklists below the advantages and disadvantages of May help you decide if this new technology is for you.

Benefits - Minimal / no pressure points - Minimal motion transfer - Temperature sensitivity / traps heat / hot sleep - comfortable to use in any position or not to launch and run - it? T harbor dust mites and other allergens - Promotes better breathing during sleep / reduction of sleep apnea - Ideal for people with painful conditions such as fibromyalgia Disadvantages - May not be ideal for those who prefer to sleep business areas - the smell of chemicals (reported to last between a few days to two weeks and may also depend on processing procedures by the manufacturer) - Temperature sensitivity / traps heat / hot sleeps - Difficult for adjustment to other mattresses (ie when traveling) - Electric discourage the general use - is a sleeping preferences. If doubt, there are a variety of bedding accessories using memory foam, such as mattresses, pillows and cushions that can help you make a decision. Ultimately, if in doubt, mattress professionals can on track for the best sleep of your life. Happy Shopping! Photobucket

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