Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Antibiotics Are NOT the Answer

Colds and flu season continues much longer, because people still get sick.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30.7 million Americans sinus infections each year - about 14 per cent of the population - and represents nearly 13 million doctor visits and 1.4 million trips to the emergency room.

"It is not uncommon to have a sinus infection in January, treat with antibiotics, get another one in March, treatment with antibiotics, and get another in May," said Dr. Murray Grossane , author of Free Yourself from sinus and allergy problems - permanently Hydro Med, Inc (, and an expert on sinus infections. "The problem is not our resistance to the new strain but rather not have the nose lashes to remove bacteria. The reason why so many people have an infection after another, is that their nasal cilia are not addressed. As eyelashes remain stagnant nasal bacteria multiply and you get over the infection.

Dr. Grossane the concern is that most of the treatment method is to lay the antibiotic to the infection after the fact, when the prevention of infection, and persistence of re-infection is the key to staying healthy .

"Sinus disease and allergies are worse today, despite the drugs," said Dr Grossane. "Study after study shows that antibiotics for sinus disease are as effective as placebo, with placebo, but you do not receive the terrible side effects of antibiotics.
Keep in mind, most bacteria in the air all in our system through our nose, and the first line of defense is the nasal cilia. Maintain good health and restore it after an infection is the key to prevention of sinus infections.

He also explained that nasal ciliary pulse and passing bacteria and pollen on the nose and sinuses. If the eyelashes are inactive, the bacteria remain in place and the cause of sinus disease. This book deals with the ideal and easy, you can use to restore nasal cilia. With good lashes, according to Dr. Grossane, you do not need antibiotics.

"You wash your hands to get rid of bacteria and dirt. Why not do the same for the nose and sinuses? Dr. Grossane said." There is evidence that spraying antibiotics do not work. There is evidence that antibiotics do not work nebulizers. However, the treatments used today, which leads to more bacteria resistant to drugs. Some surgical procedures may lead to the catastrophe of empty nose syndrome - a person can be paralyzed for life. By using methods to restore nasal cilia and avoid surgery. "

He adds that you can get with measures to eliminate the bacteria, to restore cilia function without drugs or surgery. Some tactics include:

• A simple procedure that can be done at home, called pulsatile irrigation, restores eyelashes, removes bacteria and pollen, and nasal tissue massages for the good whites.

• Drink tea with good old lemon and honey can restore nasal cilia

• Chicken soup is not a myth - it can also restore nasal cilia

• Chanting "ooooommmm, vibrates and bat eyelashes, helping to restore them and make them healthy

• Mental relaxation increases natural healing. . Relax and smile lifts all immune factors and reduces inflammation. This book shows you how.

"Because antibiotics are becoming less effective in the treatment of infection, because the new strains of bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to these drugs, it is important for us to take measures to prevent infection," said said Dr. Grossane. "Thus, if people can follow these simple tips, they will discover they are more resistant to sinus infections and live a healthier life." Photobucket

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