Monday, July 6, 2009

Why People Have Eye Twitching

There are many reasons why people suffer from eye tics, but there are not many who are very serious. However eye tics can become boring, and it is especially when you try to read, write, or watch television. If you experience other symptoms in addition to the eye, you need the quake to see your doctor for diagnosis and control.

The most common reason for an eye twitch is the lack of sleep, fatigue, computer and television screens, lack of vitamins, eye strain, allergies, caffeine, and compressed nerves. To find out what caused your eyes twitching you should first take a look at your lifestyle. The sleep of fatigue and stress that occur at the same time May cause eye and may cause more symptoms tics.

Many people say that there is no reason that if ever eye tics, but because there is a list that is so long that it is difficult to pass through and eliminate some of the causes . All the symptoms that were listed are only the most common reasons for eye twitching there is more.

Blepharospasm is when both eyes are twitching, debilitating it can get because your eyes may begin to sag and cause blindness. But it is much more serious and would be called Hemifacial. In cases like these, the twitching eye should easily be cured once they have been identified.

Do not worry if you have eye twitching going on because it really is not too serious, but if you have no idea why it happens to you when he should have examined by your doctor. If you really feel that shake your eyes just go see your doctor. Photobucket

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