Monday, July 6, 2009

You Can Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

People who are sexually active prefer to use different kinds of birth control methods available today to prevent pregnancy and as protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Although almost all of the contraceptive methods used by people today are efficient and reliable, there are still chances when these birth control options fail. Thousands of people worldwide are affected on the increasing rate of unintended pregnancies each year. In the United States alone, 50 percent of pregnancies were unexpected and were results of birth control failure. Because of this, it is very important to know the different reasons and factors associated with contraception failure. The following are some of the situations wherein commonly used or practiced forms of contraceptions fail:l Missed birth control pill intake.If a woman missed days on taking her birth control pills, there is a big chance of decreased protection. Usually, if a woman missed taking the pill for less than 12 hours, protection is not decreased. However, if pill intake is missed for more than 12 hours, protection brought by hormonal pills is most likely decreased.l Broken male condom. Condoms are one of the most efficient types of birth control method available today. However, no matter how effective condoms are, there are instances when they broke during intercourse. This usually happens due to the following reasons: 1. It was put on incorrectly2. The expiration date of the condom passed3. It was ripped wherever it was stored4. It was exposed to high temperaturesl Practicing withdrawal.Probably one of the most nonsense forms of birth control is the withdrawal, wherein the man pulls out his penis from a woman's vagina before he ejaculates. This method, contrary to what some people think, is not really effective. See, once an erect penis is inside a woman's vagina, small amount of semen may come out of the penis and swim through the woman's eggs. When this happens, there is a big chance of conception.l Practicing the rhythm method.It is also quite risky to practice the rhythm method for couple who are sexually active. This kind of natural birth control basically relies on the timing of a woman's menstrual cycle. This method is not very reliable and its failure rate is quite high as compared to other forms of birth control. It is very hard to make accurate timing of a woman's menstrual cycle. With this, chances of conception or pregnancy is really high.These are only a few of the known factors of birth control failure. These only show that while different forms of birth control are proven efficient and effective, there is still of getting pregnant while on birth control.Failure in the use of contraceptive cam lead to insecurity among couple. This can also make big changes to both the man and woman's lives. If contraceptive failure happens one, this can definitely happen again. Hence, it is a must to know what went wrong to forms of contraceptive used. This way, couples can then avoid birth control failure to happen again. --Visit us at online pharmacy order medications online | /"> cheap drugs onlineSource:
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