Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aging male syndrome

Aging is perhaps one of the most difficult things a man or woman will have to face in their life. Aging is inevitable and is something that all humans will have to eventually face. Hair will start to turn grey and fall out, wrinkles will start to appear and many will even start to gain some weight that they just canĂ¢€™t seem to get rid of. Men especially donĂ¢€™t like the idea of growing older and often fear that they will become unattractive to women; however, no amount of fear or attempts to ignore the fact that they will all age will prevent them from the natural course of life. Between the ages of 35 and 65, men will go through aging male syndrome, which is when the body will start to produce less testosterone. This hormone is what maintains sperm production as well as the sex drive and hair on the body. When less of this hormone is produced, hair starts to turn grey and even fall out, less sperm is produced and the individual can have less of a sex drive than before. Other symptoms of aging male syndrome include a loss in muscle mass, weight gain, trouble sleeping, loss of energy, erection problems, memory loss, osteoporosis and/or depression. There are many men out there who may not even realize that they are suffering from the aging male syndrome and believe that they are just feeling down or stress is getting in the way of regular sleeping patterns. In fact, in many cases individuals will go in for help for one of the symptoms and find out that a loss of testosterone is probably responsible.Aging male syndrome is still being studied, but there are treatments available for men who have had a large drop in testosterone production. In many cases, the patient is put on a medication that can boost the levels of testosterone in the body. Any questions regarding aging male syndrome can be answered by a doctor. There are many individuals who will go online to contact an online therapist regarding their difficulty in sleeping, loss of energy and/or depression and the therapist has determined that their problem could be aging male syndrome. Tests are usually done and if it is determined that the patient is being affected by low testosterone production, the patient might be put on hormone therapy that can help deal with the symptoms. Online therapy is an easy way for anyone to contact a professional regarding their health. In fact, many men have gone online and have found that many of the symptoms they are experiencing are a result of aging male syndrome. The online therapist or counselor they have been communicating with can help them get the necessary testing and treatment they need in order to minimize or eliminate the symptoms they are experiencing. Not only is online therapy convenient from the comfort of the home, the patient can contact a therapist in a way that can help ensure their therapy and treatment is confidential if confidentiality is a major concern for the patient. It is unfortunate that many people have avoided seeking the therapy and treatment they need due to feeling nervous or even embarrassed by the idea of getting help. None of these feelings should stand in the way of a person improving their life; this is why online therapy is available.--Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC, LMFT offers online audio/video counseling as well as works with children, individuals, couples, geriatric patients, depression, bipolar, anxiety and substance abuse. Please contact Complete Counseling Solutions via email or visit our website for any further information.Source:

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