Friday, August 14, 2009

Chicago Beach Contaminated with Asbestos

According to recent reports, the 150 acre asbestos disposal area near Lake Michigan contains an estimated three million cubic yards of sludge containing asbestos.The Oak Street Beach and Illinois shoreline in general have been known for having a long history of asbestos contamination and researchers say asbestos is still existent.Asbestos Fibers Released and Carried in WaterFor an estimated 20 years, asbestos fibers from Johns-Manville Asbestos Superfund site have reportedly been released daily and carried by currents in Lake Michigan.The asbestos is often carried into the waters at Oak Street Beach, the spot with the largest area of deep water.Hundreds of triathletes, scuba divers and long-distance swimmers frequent these waters yearly.However, the Illinois Dunesland Preservation Society is issuing warnings to those going to these beaches this summer.Asbestos Cancer Exposure Warnings IssuedThe organization suggests the following to adults and children who canĂ¢€™t avoid the beaches surrounding Lake Michigan in the summer months: * Avoid eating and drinking at the beach * Avoid disturbing the sand * Shower off and clean all belongings before leaving the beach * Clean and Isolate all items used at the beach(Source: Environment News Service)Have you or someone you know been exposed to asbestos? If so, please contact mesothelioma center today to speak with someone about the resources available to you.--Treatment for mesothelioma cancer and asbestos cancer diseases. More information on deadly mesothelioma and asbestos cancer can be found at Mesothelioma Treatment Centers.Source:

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