Friday, August 21, 2009

Choosing A Good Massage Therapist

In getting a massage, choosing the type of massage is not the only issue addressed by most people. The task of finding and choosing a massage therapist that suits your massage needs and preferences are also issues that need to be considered.For most people who love massages,choosing a good therapist requires time and instances of trial and error in different massage types. Selecting a massage therapist is commonly based on personal criteria, preferences, quality of service, as well as overall performance. In line with this, the following is a guide on choosing a massage therapist who can effectively give you a good feeling after a therapy session:Inquire about background, accreditation, and experience.One way to choose a good massage therapist is to inquire about experience and accreditation. You can go through the websites of your prospect spa establishments and browse the testimonials, years of experience, session information, and service rates of each establishment. These will serve as your criteria in selecting a good spa or massage therapist. Look for a therapist who can communicate clearly.In your search for a perfect massage therapist, try to look for the one who can communicate well with clients. In doing this, make it a point to ask questions and express your concerns regarding the massage therapy. A good massage therapist should orient first timers on what to expect during and after the session to establish good communications. Therapists should also ask their clients about their massage history, health status, personal needs, and posture.Observe the therapist's style and experience in massage service.Through first-hand experience, you can see the experience and style of every massage therapist. With this, it is best to determine your ideal combination in massage therapy as therapists may associate different styles in massage such as acupuncture, joint manipulation, positioning, reflexology, as well as the use of scented oils. Evaluate the the physical response of the body.A good physical therapist should behave appropriately in front of clients, make clients comfortable. And treat clients professionally and courteously. Now, if you do not feel comfortable or at ease with the massage therapist and if you feel pain after the massage therapy, it is for you to decide if you will discontinue therapy or request for a new therapist. Ask for the therapist that meets your standards. If you happen to have found the therapist that meets your standards, needs, and preferences, ask or request for that therapist again. Upon session, discuss the points you are satisfied with with the therapist's service as well as point out the things that further need improvement. This way, good communication and improved service will be strengthened. Choose a therapist whom you have professional chemistry with.It is more comfortable to be pampered by someone who you are comfortable with. A professional massage therapist should have a good massage style and a keen understanding of the needs of your body. Choose a therapist who shows a relaxed atmosphere and positive aura during a massage session. --With her articles, Rcon Franchesca Pascua combines her passion for research, writing and health. She is very interested in the role complimentary and alternative medicine plays in the modern online healthcare setting. For more information on Internet pharmacy, visit www.internetpharmacy.bzSource:

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