Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cold Sores - Care and Healing Of Your Oral Herpes Cold Sore

Yes, everyone wants to heal cold sores quickly because of the pain and embarrassment. But the more we learn about cold sores, the more we realize that cold sores can be quite dangerous. Healing them quickly and preventing them may be more important than ever before.- HERPES VIRUS DAMAGES YOUR EYESHerpes virus is very contagious. The longer you have a cold sore on your face, the higher the risk of getting it in your eyes. This happens with contaminated fingers or towels. This can and will cause permanent vision damage.- ALZHEIMER'S AND COLD SORES Scientists have found common activity with Alzheimer's and cold sores. They both utilize a similar protein when active. It does not mean one will cause the other, but it does raise some concerns. Proper first aid, and cold sore prevention, not only will give you your life back, but may protect you from more serious risks. Below are some medically sound first aid suggestions you will want to try.1. FIRST AID METHODS FOR RELIEVING COLD SORE PAIN AND MISERYIce is one of the best cold sore remedies if used early and often. It reduces pain and swelling and discourages further development of the cold sore. Many prefer a frozen tea bag because of the healing properties of tea. A cold can of coke works well also.Ice may not always be the most convenient. You could use one of those drug store cold sore remedies containing ingredients that numbs the surface nerves. Keep in mind that these type of remedies are for comfort only and do nothing for stopping or healing the sore.Also, you can use your favorite aspirin or ibuprofen products for the swollen glands, fever or possible headache. This will provide some comfort. 2. FIRST AID FOR CLEANSING AND STERILIZING A COLD SOREProper first aid procedure requires cleaning and sterilizing the wound. In the case of cold sores, the best way to do this is with alcohol or peroxide. Antibiotic salves have no effect on viruses and cold sores.Clean your cold sore as often as possible and be sure to use tissues or cotton balls that you throw away. This virus spreads extremely easy. You must not contaminate regular wash clothes or bathroom towels.Some folks report using wine or brandy for the alcohol because of the micro-nutrients in these products.3. COLD SORE FIRST AID FOR EFFECTIVE HEALING OF THE WOUNDCold sores develop when millions of cells in a close area are destroyed. Every person heals at a different speed, depending on their current health situation. But, you can speed up your healing quite easily. First, after sterilizing the wound, apply fresh Aloe Vera gel - from a live plant. (Bottled gel is dead and does not work as well for this.) You will be amazed how fast any wound will heal over with Aloe Vera.The following combination cold sore remedy will work very well, with or without the Aloe Vera.Warm up any tea bag in water and apply this to the wound for about 10 minutes at a time. When you are done for a while, apply a zinc based salve or gel. There are some zinc-based cold sore remedies at the drug stores usually. Or, you can rub a wet zinc lozenge on the area. 4. FINAL FIRST AID TIPS FOR COLD SORE OUTBREAKSIce has always been a very good cold sore remedy. It often delays or stop further cold sore activity. But, once the sore opens up, ice can actually slow healing by driving blood away from the area.Once in the healing mode, it is best to using one of those numbing salves and apply heat as much as possible. The numbing ointments do not interfere with healing and will give some pain relief. The heat will speed healing.If you want to prevent future cold sores, as well as heal current ones as fast as possible, begin using a good daily multi-vitamin program. Many folks reduce cold sore occurrence by as much as 50% using this technique alone.Once your sore crusts over, the crust can crack when you smile or eat. This greatly slows healing because the scab has to keep healing. To avoid painful cracking of the crust, apply an oil, like olive oil, to keep the scab soft and flexible.It would be best not to have to use these first aid methods. Prevention of cold sores is, by far, the best medicine.It used to be difficult to avoid cold sores, but it is now quite easy for most people. You will need to read up on cold sores a little - and try a few remedies to determine what will work for your personal needs. It is worth the effort, believe me.Imagine how wonderful life will finally be when you no longer have to deal with cold sores.--Got Cold Sores? Go now to Denny Bodoh's popular website just jam-packed with great information on Cold Sores. Walk away with some amazing Cold Sore cures and remedies that actually work. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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