Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Effects of Long-Term Stress

There are often periods of stress in the modern person’s life. In most cases, the stress will occur and then after some time has passed they have then learnt to deal with the problem and have adjusted to the feelings that accompany it. If you observe that your stress is persisting for a long period of time, or it reappears after specific intervals, you could be suffering from long-term stress. You may just pull through from a stressful situation and then find yourself entangled in another one. Stress may even become a habit for you! Some people will start finding themselves stressed by the normal ups and downs, and will feel stressed-out by even the slightest disturbance or change!As a result of these feelings, the body produces hormones which will lead to stress. These hormones can cause other physical problems related to the heart and blood pressure. Long term stress can be caused by various issues that attack your mind. Small things can seem unbearable and thoughts will attack your mind making it very weak and susceptible to pressure. This will ultimately lead to a drastic change in healthy and lifestyle. The main effect of long-term stress are concerning your immunity, leaving you more prone to illnesses. You will also experience frequent changes in your moods, leading to frustration and anxiety. People who spend time with you may start noting that you are grumpier and more irritable, more likely to snap easily at the slightest provocation. In cases of extreme stress, you will lose interest in your daily activities and will start preferring to be alone. There are even those who believe that long term stress can affect your short-term memory, leading you to forget trivial things thus adding to your irritability. The effects of long-term stress can be minimized by making certain changes to your daily lifestyle and eating patterns. There are many distracting activities, which are also enjoyable, which can help you have an escape from your worries. You should also attempt to look at the positive side of situations, as difficult as it may be, which will help in making the situation less stressful. It can also be especially helpful to talk to someone about your problems, and try and get a new perspective on the situation, and how it could benefit you in the long-run. If you feel that the cause of your long-term stress is work, you should do whatever you can to ensure that a healthy and cheerful work atmosphere can be achieved and maintained. Listen to relaxing music whilst you go about your daily work, and brighten up your work-space with some photos or a pretty plant. Also, you should try and identify the things that are causing you frequent stress. Once these stressors have been identified you should do your best to ensure that is cannot return to plague you in the future. If the stress is persisting, and ruining your quality of life, you should see a doctor who might prescribe you the necessary medicines that can bring your stress under control, or at least make it more manageable.--Or, if you do not want to take the risk of using prescription medicines, there are always alternative measures that you can take. Check out some more tips for managing stress on as well as the best solution for getting rid of your stress naturally on

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