Sunday, August 2, 2009

Giving birth to a child is a blessing everywhere, but the perception of its looks is what becomes different as it grows up, for diverse people.The problem of a severe body odor reminds me of my schooling life where hygiene precautions mattered most, for instance.One of my classmates back then had a real odor crisis that could not be eliminated by just bathing, no matter how many times.She also tried all kinds of deodorants and antiperspirant she knew of, but the smell just got worse.You can just imagine the kind of collage life she endured in relation to people especially those of opposite gender; she became the school’s black sheep for being a victim of an irreversible health problem.She only had her mother and cousin for a true friend because the good percentage of those who knew her could not stand the disgusting odor whenever she dared insisting closeness.Fellow students of those days maliciously told of the “unhygienic classmate” as if what she had was a heart made of stone with no feelings at all.It was just the other day I thought about it, and I felt so stupid and guilty inside, because no one has a right to scold someone for things that they also could not understand is ask to!But then I consoled my self that such students were too young and immature to understand what she was going through because of this rejection, but I took steps to comprehend the causes of body odor, now that I am an adult.Although many writers say that the victims are more often than not ignorant that they are smelly, which is true, this friend already knew about this because people kept a distance since she was big enough to understand.From what I gathered, bacteria that grow very fast in presence of sweat cause body odor, but I was not convinced by this because this lady would get in to the shower any time to get rid of sweat.If this was not what caused her intolerable problem then it could have been genetically triggered and this is why it was difficult to eliminate her problem so easily.If only there could be a way of getting rid of this gene, which cause this offensive smell, then such people as my classmate would really be happy in life.Such other factors like change in diet, diseases, being of a particular gender and the like are said to make worse the odor but it may not be completely eliminated but could be reduced.I remember, some friends whom I asked for suggestions foolishly arguing that, if she had a change of blood through transfusion, then her filthy nature would be history, but are the genes drawn off as well?Of course my friends opinions are no reason to go by because they are not doctors and all they did was speaking their minds.Many people around the world are going through the same unfair judgment everyday yet they did not sign up for any of these suffering such as body odor from God, they were born like other humans too.I know that it can really be difficult to tell such victim’s of offensive body odor frankly because it is natural not to want to hurt them, but malicious gossips will not solve the problem either.If they tell you that this is their nature, then it is not up to you to not only hate them but also make others do, instead support them.--An original article by Esteri Maina onBODY ODORSource:

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