Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan - Method For Women in a Hurry to Lose 9 Pounds

If you are interested in losing 9 pounds in one week, you found your solution. This is the grapefruit juice diet plan.This diet plan is rich in various vitamins and very tasty. However, the diet is prohibited for use in the case if you have a problem with gastrointestinal tract.Here is the grapefruit juice diet plan:MondayBreakfast:Corn cracker, a glass of grapefruit juice, a cup of green tea, slice of cheese.Lunch:Salad made of half kiwi, half a grapefruit, a quarter of sweet peppers, cabbage, parsley and lemon juice. Mineral non-carbonated water.Snack: 1 apple.Dinner:Half of kiwi fruit and grapefruit, with red fish sandwich.Before bedtime:Green tea with honey.Tuesday:Breakfast:2 boiled eggs, half a grapefruit, green tea.Lunch:A glass of grapefruit juice and 100 g of fat-free yogurt.Snack:A glass of tomato juice.Dinner:150 g of roasted meat, half a grapefruit, green tea.Before bedtime: fat-free yogurtWednesday:Breakfast:Muesli with fat-free yogurt. Half a grapefruit.Lunch:Cup of vegetable soup with slice of black bread.Half a grapefruit.Snack:Green tea with honey.Dinner:White meat, such as boiled chicken. A glass of grapefruit juice.Before bedtime: Apple.Thursday:Breakfast:Tomato juice. 2 fried eggs with ham.Lunch:Vegetable salad. Corn cracker. Grapefruit.Snack:Fat-free yogurt.Dinner:Stewed carrots.Tea with honey.Before bedtime:A glass of grapefruit juice.Friday:Breakfast:Salad of fruit (pear, grapefruit, apple, kiwi fruit). Tea.Lunch:Baked potato and a glass of tomato juice.Snack:A glass of fat-free yogurt.Dinner:Cucumber and boiled fish.Before bedtime:Grapefruit juice.Saturday:Breakfast:2 boiled eggs. Carrot salad with raw garlic.Lunch:Beef steak. Grapefruit.Snack:Apple.Dinner50 g of cheese. Grapefruit juice.Before bedtime:Green tea with honey.Sunday:Breakfast:Fruit (apple, orange, kiwi fruit) and low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of grapefruit juice.Lunch:Stewed fish. Vegetable soup.Snack:Half a grapefruit.Dinner:2 boiled eggs. The second half of grapefruit.Before bedtime:Apple.--Want to lose 9 lbs in 11 days? Then... Click for your FREE 18-PAGE REPORT "HOW TO LOSE 9 lbs IN 11 DAYS."This FREE report will help you transform your body once and for all and melt away up to 9+ pounds in your trouble areas; STOMACH, HIPS, THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS in 11 days.JOIN thousands of happy people who used this system to lose weight http://diet-guidelines.howtoeasyway.comAlen GreenSource:

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