Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lemonade Master Cleanse

Detoxification is a process of riding the body of toxins which results in weight loss. It works by removing undigested food, toxins and cholesterol from the body. Besides weight loss, it also improves our energy levels and adds to our work efficiency. Here are 3 secrets that will improve the effectiveness of the Master Cleanse.nSecret #1 - Use only Organic Ingredients in the Master Cleanse LemonadenMass production and the commercialization of the food production process have lead to the more frequent use of chemical preservatives and pesticides in our food. Thus it is not surprising that the foods we consume are tainted with chemicals which are toxic to our bodies. Although these chemical are minute in quantity, over time these toxic will built up in our muscles and can be detrimental to our health. We undergo the Master Cleanse program for the purpose of purging our bodies of these toxics. Therefore ensure that the ingredients which you use for your Master Cleanse lemonade are organic ingredients and are free from pesticides or chemical preservatives. Consuming food laced with chemicals will just defeat the purpose for doing the master Cleanse in the first place.nSecret #2 - Hoodia and HungernWhile doing the master Cleanse program, you will constantly feel hungry. For some of us, we can overcome the hunger pangs through sheer will power. For other, will power alone is insufficient.--Download 5 More HOT Tips at the Master Cleanse blog! Veteran Master Cleanser reveals the Master Cleanse recipe and the #1 Mistake ALL Master Cleansers Make with his free 6 day ecourse!Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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