Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life Recovery Comes From Effective Alcohol Treatment Centers

When alcoholism hits, it’s never a pretty thing. Because alcohol is a socially acceptable substance, it’s easy to ignore addiction until it becomes severe. Then something happens. There’s an accident, an arrest, a job loss or loss of family, something breaks into the fog and says it’s time to get help. Then comes the search, Alcohol Rehab California, and the darkness of being overwhelmed pours in. There are literally thousands. And they all say the same thing, alcoholism is a disease with no cure, there is no freedom from the craving. That is the conventional and current wisdom, that alcoholism is a disease requiring pharmaceutical help to manage withdrawal â€" yes, replacing one drug with another â€" and that the addict will never truly be free, but will always be an alcoholic. With such a depressing outlook, it’s no wonder that many simply choose to not enter an Alcohol Addiction Center. It’s even less surprising that those who do, those who enter an Alcohol Treatment Facility and spend their 28 days in rehab often relapse. It becomes a revolving door. The addict reaches a traumatic point, enters a California Alcohol Treatment Center, and comes out a recovering alcoholic. The mentality of being an alcoholic is still there, the image is that they are forever and always an addict, with no hope of ever being free. With no coping mechanisms, no skills to live a life of sobriety, they soon relapse. They’re in and out of Alcohol Treatment Centers, never really cured, because the conventional wisdom is that alcoholism is incurable.If that sounds like a depressing cycle, it is. If you believe there should be a different answer, that there must be a different answer, you’re right. Go back to the search results from Alcohol Rehab California and start looking for something different. You’ll find it. Not all Alcohol Treatment Centers are the same, take one look at the Narconon program and you’ll soon see why. The first difference you will find is Narconon does not use drugs to facilitate withdrawals. Instead, a natural, holistic program rids the body of the accumulated toxins and chemicals that are the result of addiction. This isn’t replacing one drug with yet another. This is completely freeing the body of chemical dependency. Getting rid of the chemical residues is key to achieving physical freedom from addiction. At the Narconon Alcohol Addiction Center, they do not believe that alcoholism is an incurable disease, or that the addict will always be an alcoholic. They do believe that lifelong recovery and freedom are possible.The California Alcohol Treatment Center starts with the detox program and then moves on to a series of classes, in fact, participants are not called patients, but instead are students. The students go through the classes, learning coping skills, addressing the root psychological causes of addiction and building life skills that will allow them to live their lives free of addiction. They learn the skills needed to face life head on, without returning to their addictive behaviors. When they leave the Narconon Alcohol Treatment Facility, they are equipped for life, and a comprehensive follow up program helps ensure continued success. There is something different out there, it’s called Narconon.--Leland Michaels is a former Drug Educationalist for the Department of Defense Joint Military and Civilian Affairs, currently researching and writing about overcoming addiction, with a strong focus on the holistic approaches practiced at Narconon Vista Bay. For more information on the Narconon program including Alcohol Rehab California, and the New Life Detoxification program, visit Alcohol Treatment Centers. If you plan to reproduce this article, please include the link above.Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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  1. Anyone who has gone to alcohol rehab knows you can't fake sobriety. They won't let you off the hook that easily. Eventually you will have to play nice.