Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mixing in the Mango

Every day, I have a ritual in my office to help me start working.  I have this fabulous mango candle that I light.  It helps me to focus, gives me energy and creates this soothing, calm effect.Well, in the beginning I didn't know why it did this… so I did some investigation.  Come to find out, the smell of mango is potent and helps with your health.A little history.  The mango is indigenous to India and has been used in foods, etc for over 4,000 years.  You think this culture would know something about it, right?  Yes, definitely.First things first.  The mango is actually used for aromatherapy quite often with the ability to ‘cure' while providing peace and tranquility.  According to the Indian tradition, the mango is used to provide peace.  The Buddhist traditions hold that this also includes tranquility and fulfillment of wishes.  The spiritual health pertaining to this is based on staying clear, combined with peace and tranquility, which is probably why I focus really well when I'm smelling my mango flavor.Just in case you all want to know, you should also think about eating some mangoes every once in a while.  This fruit offers these qualities:1.  Antioxidants.  Yes, the things that fight free radicals in your skin.  Eating / smelling mangos helps you to look younger and creates a smooth look on your skin.2.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  We all need the right nutrients in our system, with A and C being two of them.  These two vitamins actually help to fight free radicals as well, and are known to assist in the prevention of cancer.3.  Potassium.  Mmmmm… potassium.  This actually helps with hyper activity.  In the smell of mango, you can find peace, focus and tranquility from the smell as well.4.  Fiber.  Helps the digestive system and actually includes 40% of the daily intake for fibers… that's good for a piece of fruit.5.  Lupeol.  Yes, this is actually good for you.  It's one of the nutrients that helps to fight cancer, and is known to assist with anti-inflammatory problems as well.If you want to be introduced to a potent fruit, go exotic and pick up the mango.  It's really good for your health and helps you to get some peace of mind and spirit as well.  You can find candles as well to help with your health.  I recommend all natural candles, such as those made out of soy, so you can get the full effects of this potent fruit.--Brooke Hart is a professional writer that specializes in holistic living. Her areas of influence include healthy living and alternative nutritional health for a well rounded lifestyle. Visit for more information.Source:

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