Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nursing Beds Explained - Get the Facts

The use of nursing beds in private homes is sky rocketing. One major factor that is contributing to this trend is the rising cost of quality nursing home care. What many families are finding, is that they can equip a room to accommodate an elderly or infirm family member for a fraction of the cost of a nursing home. A Must Have Feature When Caring for a Loved One Once they make this commitment it isn't long at all until they discover that a quality nursing bed is an absolute must have feature. Not only will a nursing bed make caring for their loved on so much easier and convenient but it also functions to prevent a multitude of health conditions that can manifest themselves or be aggravated by a standard bed. Manual and Electric Nursing Beds They come in manual or electric versions and if you can afford it, the electric nursing bed is the preferred version. This is because a good quality nursing bed will have a number of adjustment options and features. With an electric nursing bed the person laying in the bed can make their own adjustments with a remote control. Feature Choices and Options for Nursing Beds Also an electric massaging function is available in manual beds, so there is the option of that. Nursing beds can also be easily custom designed to accommodate any one persons unique requirements. They also do come in sizes ranging from a standard single, all the way up to king sized. There is also wide section of mattress types that are available for nursing beds. The Ultimate in Comfort for Someone Confined to a Bed So anyone confined to todays fully equipped modern nursing bed can be kept as comfortable as is possible with all that they have to offer. However; what many people are unaware of is the very real health benefits of a nursing bed. For instance, swelling of the legs and other extremities is reduced by optimal positioning with easy adjustments. An Extensive List of Health Benefits There is also an extensive list of degenerated diseases that a nursing bed can work to prevent or reduce the symptoms of. Also people with heart and or breathing conditions find relief in an adjustable nursing bed, as do those who suffer from night time acid reflux problems. Add to that list post operative patients who find an nursing bed far easier then a standard be to get in and out of. Purchase or Rent - New or Used - A Wide Range of Prices There are also a number of options for bringing a nursing bed into a home. They can be purchased outright or they can be rented. If purchasing a nursing bed, there is also the option of purchasing a brand new nursing bed or a used model. Add to that the option of purchasing a rebuilt and renovated nursing bed. So obviously with so many choices and options the prices on nursing beds can vary widely. --Jeff J endorses Chris Tyrrell who writes for Care Essentials who stock nursing beds and many other home nursing aids. Visit the website for more details.Source:

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