Saturday, August 15, 2009

TEAB a Versatile, Volatile Buffer for Biological Applications

In the biochemical lab, there is the need to use a variety of buffers for chemical/biological reactions and for purification purposes. One of the problems is buffer incompatibility, therefore, in many situations it is very desirable to have a solvent that does not interfere with subsequent steps, and therefore, a volatile solvent is ideal. One of the few known volatile solvent is Triethyl Ammonium Bicarbonate (TEAB)Preparation of 1 M TEAB buffer:1. Fill a 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask, with 3-4 pounds of crushed dry ice( solid carbon dioxide), cover the flask and connect a tygon tubing from the side arm2. In a separate 2 liter flask, place a 1 M aqueous solution of triethylamine3. Place the end of the tygon tubing into the bottom of the flask containing the aqueous TEA, and observe the bubbling of gaseous Co2 into it4. Bubble CO2 for about 3-4 hours or until the pH of the aqueous TEA reaches pH 8.5 5. Store in a screw cap bottle and keep at 4 degrees Celsius Removal of TEAB buffer: The buffer can easily and conveniently be removed by simple lyophilization or by using a speed vac.Oligonucleotide Isolation: One useful application of TEAB is for eluting crushed PAGE gel from a DE-52 bed; generally 3x1 ml aliquots are applied to extract the oligo bound to the DE-52 bed. The TEAB is evaporated off by speed vac, and then the oligo can be quantitated by uv spectrometry.Bio-Synthesis.Inc, has been producing synthetic oligonucleotides for over 25 years; not only DNA, but RNA, other modified oligonucleotides, and provide cross-linking of various types of biomolecule using our optimized bioconjugation strategies, which have a number of applications on gene expression inhibition and related anti-sense studies. Also synthetic peptides and peptide antibodies for a number of biological relevant applications, in the areas of proteomics, epigenetics, immune regulation, post translational modifications, antisense, gene expression control, RNA interference and more. For more product information, visit: www.biosyn.comsite_owner: Jessica Castroaddress: 612 E. Main street city: Lewivillestate: Texascountry: USApostal_code: 75057phone_number: 972-420-8505Source:

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