Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips To Spot Gluten Free Products

Though it is difficult to follow the gluten free diet but at the same time it should be noted that if you are suffering with gluten intolerance then you have no other options to survive than to just make yourself habituated to these gluten free products in your own special way. It depends on you how you consume so that you do not remain half starve. It is true that gluten free diet is not tasty as other normal diet but unfortunately you have to follow that gluten free diet because you are sick. Now removing foods that contain gluten out of your diet is not so simple and easy as it sounds. Simply checking the ingredients of everything you buy and do not consume those food product that says gluten may be easy but unfortunately it is not so every time since gluten comes in many forms, and there are almost endless ways it can be described on an ingredients list. You have to know those forms and ways gluten comes. The only easy way to learn if a product holds gluten is to look for the 'gluten-free' sign, or call up the manufacturer. Here are a few of the ways that has been mentioned to show you how gluten can be described on a list of ingredients on the package of the food products.As we know that wheat is the most common form of gluten so avoiding foods that contain wheat is a good way to start eliminating gluten from your diet but sometimes you will find that wheat is not mentioned instead in the ingredients and your logic says that it is a gluten free product. Watch out for the ingredient includes durum, bulgur, dinkel, kamut and spelt because these words mean wheat. Semolina and Couscous are common wheat containing substances. Also avoid those substances such as starch, bran, hydrolyzed vegetable protein or dextrimaltose in a food product if you are unsure that these are derived from a gluten free source.Difficulties also arise from the word flour because the word flour on its own in a list of ingredients. There are different kinds of flour but the safe forms are rice flour, potato flour, buckwheat flour, chestnut flour and corn flour. Flour that are described as plain flour, self-raising flour, stoneground flour, wheatgerm flour, malted wheatgrain flour and wholemeal four should not be consumed as they are made from wheat from wheat flour.Barley and Rye are the two most common gluten containing substances besides wheat and there are a number of derivatives that you may not even realize containing gluten and these include caramel coloring and malt, which can be in the form of a flavoring or vinegar. As you realize that there are myriad terms used to illustrate foods that hold gluten, and derivatives of these substances, so getting hold of an up to date list of all the terms that may mean gluten, or wheat is required to memorize to avoid those foods with hidden gluten. Also manufacturers should specify whether the food is gluten free or not to make the work of the consumer a little easy.--Get the information about gluten free, gluten free foods and gluten free productsSource:

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