Thursday, August 13, 2009

Types Of Psoriasis

You can research the best diets, what food is harming your body, and different diseases that you should be on the lookout for. With our help we can transform your life and turn it into something amazing. Once you begin to eat healthy and live healthy you will have a whole new outlook on life and feel better than ever.Psoriasis is a medical disorder that affects the joints and the skin. It is not contagious and will usually cause red scaly patches on the surface of the skin that is affected by it. The scaly patches are referred to by doctors as psoriatic plaques. The affected areas of skin will accumulate around connecting areas and create a silvery to white appearance. Affected areas are usually on the knees and elbows - but it can also affect the genitals and scalp.This is a recurring disorder that can vary in how severe it is. When it is minor it will have localized patches or it can cover most of the body. It can also cause the joints to inflame - which is referred to as psoriatic arthritis. Close to 15% of people with arthritis suffer from psoriatic arthritis.Doctors have not been able to determine the cause of psoriasis. After much research they believe that it is possibly caused by certain genetic components. There are many thing that can irritate the condition. These factors include; smoking, stress, and an abundance of alcohol.There are several types of treatments available to those who are affected by this medical condition. But because it is a recurring condition it can sometimes be hard to treat the symptoms of it.Plaque Psoriasis is the most common form. It can affect around 80 to 90% of people and will appear as raised areas of inflamed skin. This skin is covered with white scaly skin.Flexural Psoriasis will appear on the skin as inflamed patches. It can affect a person in skin folds that can usually be found around the genitals, armpits, underneath breasts, and underneath a stomach of someone that is overweight. Sweat and friction can irritate the affected areas and they will be very vulnerable to different fungal infections.Guttate Psoriasis will appear as several small round spots. These spots will appear over large areas on the body and is usually found on the limbs, scalp, and trunk. It can be associated with streptococcal throat infection.Pustular Psoriasis will appear on the skin as raised bumps filled with pus that is not infectious or contagious. The skin that is underneath and surrounds the pus filled bumps is tender and red. It is more commonly found on the feet and hands and can appear in wide patches.Nail Psoriasis will produce several different changes in the both the toe and finger nails. The changes will be the pitting of the nails, lines running across the nails, discoloring of the nails, the loosening of the nails, and the thickening of the skin underneath the nails.Psoriatic Arthritis will cause inflammation of the joints and the tissue connecting it. It will cause the joints to swell and will usually affect the spine, knees, hips, toes, and fingers.Erythrodermic Psoriasis is the exfoliation and inflammation of the skin that covers a wide amount of the skin. It will usually cause an unstable amount of plaque psoriasis that will follow a withdrawal of systemic treatment. This type of psoriasis can be fatal because the extreme exfoliation and inflammation can disrupt the ability for the body to control its temperature.--We all have the desire to live long and happy lives so that we might be able to spend more time with our children, grand children, and maybe even our great grand children. Health & Nutrition is a site that is dedicated to bringing you only the best information.Source:

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