Monday, August 10, 2009

Using Music for Sleep Disorders

Millions of people around the world suffer from a number of different sleep disorders and try many methods for solving the problems that come with most of these sleep disorders. People have tried sleep aids that contain medications, relaxation techniques, mechanical sleep aids, and even creating a bed time routine to relax the body and the mind enough for the person to get enough sleep each night. There is one treatment method for sleep disorders that is often overlooked and that is using music for sleep disorders.Using music for sleep disorders has been a common treatment method for many different people throughout history. When medieval kings had trouble sleeping at night, often from the stress of ruling and wondering which family member was plotting to kill them and take their throne, they called for their musicians to play soothing music until they had relaxed enough to go to sleep. This technique is even more common today, with mothers singing their children soft lullabies to lull them into a deep and relaxing slumber.Today, there are many different artists that create music to soothe a person so that they can get to sleep. Most of these soothing melodies must be purchased at the local record store or other retailer that sells music as music to put a person to sleep is not really popular on radio stations across the nation. The type of music that is chosen will depend on the personal preference of the person that will be using the music to get to sleep.There are many different versions of music that can be used as a treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia. The most popular songs used for this purpose are instrumental melodies that are smooth and gentle to the ears. These songs contain no words and are designed to draw the person into the music where they can clear their mind and surrender to the calming sounds of the song.Many instrumental melodies that are designed to lull a person to sleep use gentle sounding instruments, such as pianos, saxophones, and flutes for the music. This creates a relaxing sound that has nothing to focus the mind on and reduce the soothing qualities of the music. The tone of the music will ebb and flow, creating an effect in the mind similar to floating on a bubble or riding gentle waves of water. As the person listens to the music, they will begin to feel the muscles in their body lose tension and their mind begin to drift away into a deep and restful sleep.Some people choose music that incorporates more sounds of nature than sounds of instruments in the song. The sound of whispering winds, rustling leaves, and soothing animal songs releases a primal response in some people that helps them relax more deeply, resulting in a more restful sleep. People that choose to use music to help relieve the symptoms of a sleep disorder may have to purchase several different types of music before they find the one that works best for them.--Insomniac? Tired of staring at the ceiling all night trying to sleep? Learn how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This article was provided courtesy of the team at where you can learn how to combat your sleep disorder problems.Source:

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