Friday, August 28, 2009

Vaporizer Heating Elements

Vaporizers have become very famous among the smokers these days. More and more smokers are switching over to vaporizers instead of the traditional way of smoking. A vaporizer generates heat in its heating chamber with the help of a heating element which makes the herb kept in the chamber to produce fumes which contains the ingredients of the herb. These fumes do not contain any smoke or other unburned particles which would harm the body of the inhaler. Hence they are regarded as a safe alternative to the traditional way of smoking. This article describes the various heating elements that are fitted in most of the commonly used vaporizers like the volcano vaporizer. The heating element is the most important and an integral part which is embedded into a vaporizer. It controls the temperature inside the chamber of the vaporizer and the ingredients of the herbs also travel through it to reach the inhaler. Categorizing them broadly, the heating elements of vaporizers are of 3 types. These three types are ceramic, aluminum and glass heating elements. The most commonly used heating elements used in vaporizers are the ceramic heating elements because they are cheap and can withstand very high temperature without breaking. A ceramic heating element can withstand up to 3000 Fahrenheit without cracking or melting. No other heating element can withstand this much heat. Either it would vaporize into gas or would melt and turn into a red hot liquid. So, most companies prefer ceramic heating elements over other types of heating elements due to these factors. Moreover, ceramic is very easy to maintain and it is also very easy to give it a desired shape as compared to other materials. The other types of heating elements of the vaporizers comprise of glass or aluminum. Although ceramic is the best of all the heating elements but still some of the best vaporizers available in the market use aluminum heating elements. Some people say that aluminum is a metal and responds very fast to temperature changes as compared to ceramics. So the temperature control feature can be more accurate in an aluminum heating element rather a ceramic one. But an aluminum heating element can go only up to 464 Fahrenheit. Above that the heating element would become soft due to heat and would deform and at 1220 Fahrenheit it would melt and turn into liquid. So here, ceramic heating elements are preferred over aluminum ones. Glass elements are just like ceramics with only one difference that the whole body of the vaporizer is made of glass.--Gotvape is a leading Vaporizers store. It's mission to become #1 website for Herb Grinder and Vapir vaporizer searches.Source:

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