Friday, August 14, 2009

What I Think Angelina Jolie Should Have Done To Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days

If you've been following the celebrity news, you probably have heard that Brad Pitt stormed out of his rented Long Island Mansion because of his frustration with Angelina's 21 Pounds in 21 Days Diet.nTo prepare for her male role in her upcoming movie, "Salt", Angelina had to lose 21 pounds in 21 days. She reportedly attempted a popular Hollywood diet which requires her to ingest liquid every 2 hours to 'cleanse her body'.nUnfortunately, not only is Angelina reported to face difficulties with completing the full 21 days, she is repeatedly battling fatigue.nNow if you recall earlier, there was a celebrity who faced a similar situation like Angelina but was able to lose 20 pounds in under 10 days. That's right. It was Beyonce herself, who attempted the 10 day Master Cleanse to lose 20 pounds in under 10 days.nSo what is this Master Cleanse all about... is it really that effective or just another fad.nThe Master Cleanse was invented and used in 1941 by fellow New Yorker Stanley Burroughs and since then, it has been quietly providing health relief to anyone who's willing to give it a try for 10 short days.nHis intent was simple. To allow anyone to detox, flush the body of deadly toxins quickly and easily with easy to find ingredients. And these ingredients include maple syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper where you can easily find at your local grocer store. And by following this simple recipe, anyone can improve their health significantly and lose weight at the same time.nWould you feel weak and depleted while on the Master Cleanse? The possibility is very low for the ingredients found in the Master Cleanse contain all the nutrients the body needs. And for energy, the ingredient Maple Syrup B found in the cleanse contains sucrose to fuel the body to function optimally even while you're on a liquid diet.nThe easiest and most convenient way to get started on the Master Cleanse is to follow proven advice. Veteran Master Cleanser, Katie Jones, has written an effective study manual to allow anyone to embark on the lemonade diet with ease.nHer best-selling "Master Cleanse Insider" is used by newbie and veteran Master Cleansers before they start on the 10 day cleanse program.--Download 5 More HOT Tips at the Master Cleanse blog! Veteran Master Cleanser reveals the #1 Mistake ALL Master Cleansers Make with his free 6 day ecourse at http://www.themastercleansediet.orgSource:

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