Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Top Health Safety Questions On The Master Cleanse

If you're reading this article, just like thousands of other Master Cleansers, you have wondered if it's safe and whether are there other health implications. Those are perfectly normal questions to ask, after all, we are concerned about our health in the first place.nSo here are 5 top health related questions regarding the Master Cleanse.n1. Is it not dangerous not to consume any food for so long?Our body contains a 'reserve" of essential nutrients and fats, proteins etc which permit us to survive for weeks without any food at all. The Master Cleanse however is not an "empty" cleanse as it does contains essential nutrients and vitamins to keep us healthy.n2. Can diabetics do the Master Cleanse?Diabetics have completed the Master Cleanse successfully. Stanley Burroughs had made allowances for diabetic who wishes to do the master cleanse program.n3. Can pregnant women do the Master Cleanse?The Master Cleanse is not recommended pregnant women as the body is going through a drastic healing process. During this process toxins are dissolved into the blood stream can this can affect the unborn child.n4. What is the frequency that the Master Cleanse should be done?The frequency which ne wishes to do the Master Cleanse depends on the individual. However it is recommended that one only do the Master Cleanse twice a year.n5. Will I lose a lot of weight?The Master Cleanse was never designed as a weight loss program. This is a detoxification program and should be treated as such. Weight loss is just incidental of the effects of cleansing your body of toxins.nThe Master Cleanse is perhaps the only detoxification program that has been endorsed by countless health professionals around the world. And according to Dr. Oz Mehmet, Master Cleanse is very successful in psychologically preparing an individual for a diet or weight loss program. So if you're looking to detox or lose weight, why not give the Master Cleanse a try today?--Want more advanced Mind Power HOT tips? Download the "How to Get Anything You Want In 5 Steps!" e-course at the Subconscious Mind Power HacksBlog... read by over 8000 subscribers and growing!Source:

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