Monday, September 7, 2009

Beds come of age

In the past, beds used to a place in which to sleep and also to possibly celebrate conjugal or similar relationships. How times change. Like everything else that we use in our daily lives, the ordinary bed has been impacted by technology. A mere £35,000 will now buy you a high tech version of this sleeping support that includes a full four speaker surround sound system, a projection television system, full Wi-Fi internet computer included, and various high technology sleeping aids including a device to prevent you from snoring. Since the caveman slept on a pile of straw, more and more innovations have been made to this place where you spend on average one third of your life, in which you are born which in all likelihood you will die.Each innovation is a manifestation of the era in which it occurred. In some societies such as the early Egyptians the beds of the Pharaohs were highly elaborate creations containing jewels and gold. They would often be high off the floor and accessed by ladders. Mattress technology developed too, as a range of different fillings was used through the ages in order to improve the comfort and warmth. Traditionally different types of beds were used for different activities, and one did not sleep in the same bed as the one in which one copulated. There were special beds for dining and for reading. There were even special beds for dying.Special beds have bees designed for sex and procreation. The celestial bed designed in the eighteenth century contained an array of magnets that promised to increase virility and the probability of conception. After the act it would tilt the female upwards to encourage fertilisation. Innovations have included the water bed that was supposed to enhance sexual experience and offer improved sleep, electrically controlled beds that adjust to your body and can be controlled by a remote control, new mattress materials such as memory foam that conform to your body shape. Now we are entering the age of the multi-media bed. The danger is there will be so many distractions that the last thing we will want to do is sleep.--Memory foam mattresses have been around for a number of years now, with the elapse of time memory foam mattresses are now cheaper and readily available to the mass markets via web based providers such as Source:

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