Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Benefits of Elderly Home Care

As nursing homes and assisted living facilities continue to balloon in astronomical price, many elders and their families are turning to home-care providers for assistance. Many elders enjoy the independence of living in their homes, while receiving the required medical care that cannot be furnished from their relatives or friends.Home care services can be provided by a few agencies, including: home health agencies, hospices, homemaker and home care aide agencies, staffing and private-duty agencies, pharmaceutical and infusion therapy companies, durable medical equipment and supply dealers registries, and independent providers. Home care providers can provide a variety of professionals, including: • Physicians • Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) • Physical therapists (PTs)• Social workers • Speech language pathologists • Occupational therapists (OTs) • Dietitians • HCAs/home health aides • Homemaker and chore workers • Companions• Volunteers There are many benefits to home care for elders that, when contrasted with the costs associated with nursing homes, make home care a more desirable option for the senior citizen and his/her provider, if applicable. For instance, home care programs allow senior citizens to remain in their homes and keep their sense of independence intact. Freedom, comfort, and privacy are given to the individual, and receiving personalized, one-on-one treatment from the caregiver or medical professional is a major plus. If you are considering using your own home as a care facility, allowing your parents or other beloved elders to move-in, there are many benefits as well. However, much thought must be put into the decision. Consider the previous relationship you had with your parent(s). If your relationship was built on a rocky, tumultuous foundation, it may not be best for sanity’s sake to have your parent move in. Be sure your house can accommodate an additional person moving in, and won’t be a cramped situation for everyone involved. Whether care is provided in your home or the elder’s, an at-home care giving situation is an ideal way to maintain independence while cutting costs associated with nursing home care. --Check out In Home Caregivers & Health Care Providers for all your home caregiver needs. Finding a caring, professional in home caregiver or health professional can be a challenging task. You want to be sure that that the person you are bringing into assist with everyday needs will provide quality care. Quality doesn't mean just showing up, it means being there emotionally to help keep spirits high and improve quality of life.Source:

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