Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beyonce's Lemonade Diet - Shed An Amazing 20 Pounds Today

If you've ever wanted to lose weight but no rely on any medication or weight loss pill, there's no surer method than Beyonce's lemonade diet.nTo prepare for her role in the movie, "Dream Girls", Beyonce went on a 10 day Master Cleanse diet and remarkably shed 20 pounds quickly.nTake a look at Beyonce before she starred in the movie and now and you'll agree with me totally that she looks stunning and have successfully kept the extra pounds away.nAnd the Master Cleanse diet is not just a hit with Beyonce. Robin Quivers, co-host of the Howard Stern show lost an amazingly 70 pounds while on the Master Cleanse and accounted her renewed health to the effect of the Master Cleanse.nThis all natural and healthy weight loss diet is none other than the Master Cleanse or sometimes known as the Lemonade Diet. Created early in 1941 by fellow New Yorker, Stanley Burroughs with simple, easy to find ingredients such as lemons, maple syrup, the Master Cleanse has been responsible for more than 50 years to help everyone and anyone improve their health significantly in 10 short days.nThe only small hiccup was that the Master Cleanse can be quite grueling for some since one is expected to be on a liquid diet for 10 days. And because of this, many people are unwilling to give the full 10 day cleanse a try.nOf course, that was the case in the early 1940s where little was understood about the Master Cleanse diet. Now, you can reap all the benefits of the Master Cleanse without feeling a single moment of discomfort. Katie Jones, a veteran Master Cleanser with years of experience using and coaching people on how to use the lemonade diet, has written a wonderful guide "Master Cleanse Insider" in which details many simple tips to transform the Master Cleanse to a more effective and pleasant experience.nHow? You have to read Katie Jone's "Master Cleanse Insider" to test it out for yourself. Her guide today is the most popular walkthrough guide used by novices and veterans to improve their health significantly.--Download 5 More HOT Tips at the Master Cleanse Diet blog! Veteran Master Cleanser reveals the Master Cleanse recipe and the #1 Mistake ALL Master Cleansers Make with his free 6 day ecourse!Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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