Friday, September 25, 2009

Blueair Air Purifiers - Air Pollution Has Become a Major Health Problem

Until these days, some people still believe that the quality of indoor air is healthier. Nevertheless, several researchers have concluded that indoor air quality can be worse. Even if your house seems clean, the air can be filled with microparticles that represent a threat to your health. Although circulate in the environment, these fine particles are invisible to the eye. Smaller are those particles more dangerous they are because they penetrate deeper in the lungs. Air pollution has become a major health concern in developed countries including the United States. according to article published on CNN by Rhonda Rowland, it is found that air pollution may cause or worsen the three No.1s diseases in the us; heart disease, the No. 1 killer; lung cancer, the No. 1 one cancer killer; and asthma the No. 1 chronic disease in children. In a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, the researchers have concluded, "air pollution may be leading to deaths from lung cancer, heart attack, stroke and asthma". The air you breathe is a more serious business than you thought. To prevent those airborne diseases, it has become crucial to clean the air inside your home, and offices. You are not protected from dirty air inside your home and office. The air you breathe contains allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites, smoke cigarettes, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, Chemical substances from paint and sprays. The worst is that we spend about 90% of our time indoors. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the population of developed countries suffer from allergy problems (including asthma) due to poor air quality. It may surprise you, directly or indirectly, polluted air kills millions of Americans. According to an estimation by American Lung Association, up to 125 million Americans are breathing air that puts their health at risk of allergies, asthma, heart disease, and stroke. Polluted air cannot only worsen these diseases, but also causes them. The particles suspended in air are of different sizes, and can cause various health problems. particles larger than 10 micrometers in diameter (known as inhalable particles) act on the eyes and upper respiratory tract (including nose and throat), they are less dangerous; particles that are smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter affect the bronchi, and particles smaller than 3 micrometers, the most dangerous, cause severe respiratory problems such as asthma, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Good air quality is essential to your well-being and the prevention of airborne diseases. Certain health problems resulted from polluted air are incurable (mesothelioma for instance); prevention is the only wise decision you can make. Because of the deterioration of the air, there is a considerable increase in cases of asthma, allergies, and respiratory tract infections. The purification of the air becomes an obligation. Our air purifiers eliminate more than 99% of pathogens. They clean the air from dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungi, cigarette smoke, and other chemicals. To protect yourself and your family from air pollution choose blueair air purifier. For more details, visit, or click on the link in the resource box below.--Remy is a multi-topic writer with years of experience in nutrition and naturotherapy. He loves to share his own personal beneficial experience with natural alternative to others. For your research on health problems, beauty and personal care, please visit blueair air purifiersSource:

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