Monday, September 7, 2009

Can organization reduce stress?

For some people, life is relatively simple and there is rarely any real stress involved, other than the occasional move, the addition of a child or a sudden change of career. For others, however, life can be a little more complicated, high stress is an every day occurrence and panic thrives as deadlines and meeting times seem to pop out of nowhere. Life can seem extremely hectic, especially if a person lives in a city where they have to deal with bumper to bumper traffic and rude people that only make the day worse. Monday to Friday continues to be filled with eight to nine hours a day of the person wishing they were home, locked away in their room and completely hidden from the world. It is hectic and complicated lives like this that have people praying for the end of Friday’s workday to come to an end, so that they can leave work behind and return home to what feels safe and comfortable. Of course, the home can also be a stressful place for those who have families, so escape for that individual can seem impossible.Many individuals struggle with a life that always seems to have them rushing and out of time. There is never any time for themselves, barely any time for their families and it seems like work is always getting in the way. Not only that, they always seem to be late for important dates and times and the traffic they have to deal with on a daily basis does not help matters. In many of these cases, organization could be what the person needs. People who continue to exist with stress and disorganization increase their chances of heart problems and/or depression. Too much stress is unhealthy and eventually takes its toll on an individual who does not take time out for themselves. These people’s lives are often shortened due to the resulting medical problems of stress.There is help through online counseling with an online therapist and online counselor who work with people to help them sort out their hectic lives. The goal for online therapy is to help find a way to make the patient’s life less hectic and reduce the stress in their lives. In fact, counseling online is a popular form of counseling that many people are using in an effort to get help to improve their lifestyle. The patient consults the online therapist and the therapist works with the patient to find better ways for the patient to live their life. The online therapist can help the patient to work out a schedule in order to organize their time, which will ensure that they have a chance to take time out for themselves and their family, and can even make their lives a little easier.Seeking help when life starts to close in on a person can help that individual avoid future problems that can make their life even more complicated. The chances of depression can become less and they also greatly reduce the chances of heart problems that are often caused by too much stress. This kind of therapy can go a long way in helping to reduce the stress in the individual’s life, make life a lot simpler and have better management of their time so that they can take time out to slow down and have some fun.--Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC,DCC is the owner of which offers a variety of online counseling services. If you would like to know more about Jennifer or any of our online therapists, visit our website.Source:

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