Saturday, September 26, 2009

Causes of acid reflux disorder!!

Did you know that chronic coughing is not always asthma or viral infection? Well, heard about acid reflux disorder? This disorder is of gastrointestinal or digestive system also known as acid reflux cough.Acid reflux disorder is the result of the stomach acid been backwashed into the throat and the lungs causing consistent coughing with chest pains or heartburn. Basically, when the food goes into the stomach, the esophageal sphincter valve is let loose to allow the food to enter the stomach. Generally, this valve remains locked so that the acid doesn't flow back into the throat and the lungs. But at times, when this valve lets loose, the acid then flows into the esophagus and gives rise to the acid reflux disorder or cough. Some of the chief reasons causing the acid reflux disorder are allergy, enzyme insufficiency, gallbladder issues, hiatal hernia, stress and tensions, ulcers with heartburn, eating too much, excess consumption of alcohol or coffee, tea or citrus juices, excess consumption of fried foodstuffs or dairy products etc.Even excess consumption of tomatoes or tomato-based products can be the reason for the lower esophageal valve to open up. These products produce additional stomach acid leading into the acid reflux disorder. Also, eating large amounts of food at all times can put stress on the stomach, weakening the valve and hence allows the acid to move into the esophagus. When the food processors namely the esophagus, stomach and the mouth is infected there are chances that the whole body may be affected causing many illnesses. While you make use of pills or medications that helps reduces the acid production, it may also lead in deficiency of many nutrients resulting in many diseases. So the best way to prevent the acid reflux disorder is to modify your diet and the standard of living.--So you wish to find a solution to acid reflux you may be even suffering with acid reflux cough. My site natural-acid-reflux.comlooks at simple ways you can reduce the pain of acid reflux and heartburnSource:

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