Friday, September 4, 2009

cerebral palsy symptoms

Cerebral Palsy in a disease in which a range of disorders are involved in the control of the muscles. In full term infants, cerebral palsy is not related to events that can happen at the time of birth, but rather caused in the prenatal stages. It is reacted to events that took place during the entire pregnancy that took place while in its mothers womb. Premature birth can be risk factor when it comes to cerebral palsy only because the brain is subject to bleeding and if severe enough, can result in cerebral palsy. Other causes of cerebral palsy can be but not limited to genetic disorders, stroke (due to abnormal blood vessels), blood clots, or infections in the brain.Cerebral palsy is not progressive condition, meaning that over time it does not get worse. Cerebral palsy can appear in a normal child due to some form of child abuse. There are three main types of cerebral palsy, they are spastic cerebral palsy, athetoid cerebral palsy, and mixed cerebral palsy. Spastic is the most common and is condition in which there is too much muscle tone. Athetoid is going to involve very slow controlled movements in the entire body, usually making it hard to walk it at all. Mixed is a combination of both if the first two.There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but there are wide range of different therapeutic methods that be administered to the person with the disorder. Medicines for muscle spasms may be prescribed along with braces to help prevent muscle spasms. Speech and and physical therapy may be used along with counseling to help people lead productive lives.A child with cerebral palsy will show signs ans symptoms within the the first three years of life. Usually you will notice they are slower than other children at achieving milestones such as sitting up and crawling along with walking. The symptoms can range from mild to barley noticeable. Some may be so severe that they can include difficulty with maintaining balance with walking, they may have problems with motor tasks and uncontrolled involuntary movements. You can never base your child's symptoms off of another child because they really can vary from person to person and they can also change over time.Cerebral palsy must be diagnosed by a doctor and the sooner the better. There are treatments that are very effective for the person suffering from cerebral palsy. Making sure to mention something that does not seem right to your child's physician will help to diagnose your child's problem sooner. Your child can lead a relatively normal life with the many treatments that are available to them. The great news is that this condition does not get worse it can be improved with the proper care and attention.--MD & JD specializing in CP says There are three main types of cerebral palsy, they are athetoid cp, spastic cp, and mixed cerebral palsy.Source:

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