Sunday, September 27, 2009

The cost of lasik eye surgery varies

The cost of lasik eye surgery is less than that of other procedures, but can still be costly. The bad news is that nationwide, the cost of lasik eye surgery can be as much as $4000 per eye when performed by a highly qualified surgeon in a state-of-the-art facility. The good news is that in Denver, Loveland, Aurora and other Front Range communities, the cost of lasik eye surgery ranges from $500 to $1500 per eye. That’s not cheap, mind you â€" but it is far less than you would pay in other parts of the country.Why Such a Difference?Location has a great deal to do with the variations in the cost of lasik eye surgery; obviously, overhead costs for lasik surgeons in San Francisco or Manhattan are much greater than for someone located in the midwest. Even here in the Denver Colorado metro area, such operation costs can vary widely; office space and hospital costs can be significantly more in downtown Denver than in an outlying community such as Aurora or Colorado Springs.When it comes to lasik facilities along the Front Range however, there are even more significant factors that come into play:• New Technology. There have been many significant advances in lasik surgery over the past few years. The tools of this new technology are generally more expensive.• The Individual Patient. No two patients’ eyes are the same; some require more pre- and/or post operative consultation and care• The Surgeon’s Experience and Level of Expertise. This is an area in which it absolutely does not pay to cut corners. A “bargain-priced” lasik procedure can be very costly in the long run (in fact, there are surgeons whose practices are devoted solely to correcting problems due to badly-done lasik procedures).What Options Do I Have?Most insurance plans will not normally cover the cost of lasik eye surgery for the reason that it is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, some employers who subsidize their workers’ health plans may allow you to “convert” part of this subsidy to allow you to pay for a lasik procedure.Because corrective lenses can be a great hindrance in combat zones, active-duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces can often have the cost of lasik surgery fully covered.Many Denver Colorado providers offer generous financing and terms however. The cost of lasik eye surgery, when spread out over several months, can fit painlessly into most peoples’ budget; your lasik provider’s office staff can explain your options.--LASIK is nearly painless and has been FDA approved for over a decade. LASIK patient satisfaction rate rivals that of any other medical procedure. In this article Susan Slobac writes about the Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery.Source:

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