Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Effective Ways To Stretch Hip Muscles

Our hip muscles form part of the essential framework that keeps us upright, steady and balanced. These are just a few reasons why we must actively try to stretch hip muscles in order to keep them in shape. Other reasons to stretch hip muscles are to improve flexibility and mobility of a person. The hip muscles are part and parcel of our legs and torso, they help us walk, run and move. It is important to stretch hip muscles as it is to stretch neck muscles in order to facilitate better bearing and balance. Hip Exercises And StretchesThe following exercise requires one to be seated on a chair. The chair needs to be stable and not one that swivels, but if there is no other choice then any chair will do but there should be care when doing exercises or stretches on a movable chair. To stretch hip muscles while seated, place your hands on the side of the seat. The hands should be straight down from the shoulder. Lift one leg while keeping torso straight and upright. Hold the stretch for about ten seconds and then return to original position for the other leg's turn. Another way to stretch hip muscles is to sit on a chair with the feet flat on the floor. Your feet should be about a foot apart. The way to stretch hip muscles in this position is to slowly bring the knee towards to other knee, which should not move, as much as possible. The feet should also stay flat on the ground while one tries to stretch hip muscles. This hip stretch can be repeated as much as ten to twenty times for both legs each. A variation to this way to stretch hip muscles is for external rotation of the hip joint. While seated, place the left ankle on the right thigh, nearer to the knee than the groin. Bend the left elbow and place the elbow in the space of the bent leg while pressing the forearm on the bent leg as much as it would go. Hold this stretch for a few seconds and then release. This can be done alternatively between both right and left legs for as much as three sets of fifteen per side.One other common way to stretch hip muscles is to swing one leg backwards slowly until a stretch is achieved. A variation of this way to stretch hip muscles is grasp the left ankle with the left hand and stretch is backwards until there is a stretch. Stretch hip muscles of the other leg this way as well for as much as twenty times per leg.--Stop by and visit my Calisthenics and Stretching website for more tips, fitness resources and recommendations.Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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