Monday, September 14, 2009

EMS Infection Control Measures

Emergency medical care or EMS involves an amazing number of procedures and life support measures. These duties place emergency care practitioners at high risk of occupationally acquired injuries and communicable diseases. To keep up with the CDC’s and OSHA’s standards, EMS practitioners have to keep a lot in mind - from safety to injury to proper EMS infection control The primary strategies for preventing transmission of infection during patient care involve developing key components of an EMS infection control plan which is effective right from the instance of first contact. The goal is to prevent transmission during patient care, rather than looking for a cure later on. Be flexible and employ a real-time decision making approach that takes new information into account as the situation unfolds. Influenza is the most common example where EMS infection control is highly recommended. Transmission of influenza from person to person varies, and data is largely obtained through observations during outbreaks in healthcare facilities and other settings. The known modes of transmissions are droplet, contact, and airborne. Evidence is almost limited and EMS practitioners have to rely on a symptomatic approach most of the time. Apart from arming yourself with masks, gloves and other protective clothing, special care should be taken in handling patient-care equipment. Careful planning for EMS infection control is necessary to make sure that resources are adequately available and procedures are adequately available and procedures are in place comply with the primary infection control principles. --Audioeducator offers Healthcare audio conferences and advanced Learning Opportunities for Healthcare Executives, case studies for health plans, impact of healthcare customer choice through all types of audio conferences and exceptional series of training CD's, DVD’s & Tapes and EMS infection control plan Source:

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