Friday, September 18, 2009

Extenders - One of the Most Popular Devices in Penis Enlargement

When it comes to male enhancement procedures and techniques there are several opinions as to which method works best, some are very happy about the performance of devices based on pressure such as pumps, others may be satisfied by blood holding rings and for some people pills will do just fine. Those interested in male enhancement know that there is yet another option, this one is referred to as the extender.The origins of this device can be traced back all the way to Africa, where native tribes use weights and other artifacts in order to extend specific parts of their body, regardless of how aesthetically wrong their methods may be they had proved that they work, and in the end this is what really matters. The elastic properties of our skin are better demonstrated by people who use accessories order to extend their ear lobes. Local African tribes have also used rings in order to extend the length of their necks, particularly in women and according to their age.African women who have taken these rings off have been able to show a noticeable increase in the length of their necks, this is possible by the principle of traction. When a specific device applies pressure to a certain part of our body our skin adapts to this pressure by creating new cells in order to extend this region, this method has also been used in surgical procedures where patients needed to regrow skin and bone in order to heal.Extenders use for male enhancement follow the same principle they apply pressure to the penis towards its tip in order to extend it, the pressure applied berries from one pound all the way to 5 pounds, the pressure varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, their main purpose remains the same which is to permanently extend the size of a penis by applying exterior forces which trigger traction.Some people may not find this device to be really convenient due to the fact that it has to be worn for an extended period of time. In order to realize gains however, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this method has been proven to work each and every time by patients who use extenders and by African tribes who use similar devices to stretch their skin to the offers more information about penis enlargement and it also offers a great array of penis enlargement articles to help you understand more about male enhancement, visit us today!Source:

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