Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get Healthier with regular Chiropractic Care

Influenza… viruses… pandemic… epidemic… we hear too much about this every year than we want to. And then, we stress about whether we, our young kids or aging parents will be struck.Recently, we have been hearing a lot - A LOT - about the Bird flu virus - again!We hear how the virus may be worse than before, how the vaccine stockpile may not be enough, how millions could fall ill, etc, etc.So what can one do?First - wash your hands. Your mom was right, and so is your employer - wash your hands - repeatedly.Second - stay away from those who are coughing and sneezing near you. And, if you cough or sneeze - do so into a tissue or the crook of your elbow.Third - do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes with your hands unless you have just washed them.There is not much more you can do on your own past these three steps.The next steps - and these are BIG ONES - are to get inoculated (which I do not suggest) or to boost your own immune system with regular chiropractic care.What does chiropractic care have to do with your immune system? Read on and learn…Lets step back and look at the facts. And the last major flu epidemic provides an ideal case study. In fact, the Texas Chiropractic Association has issued a fantastic review of the LAST major flu epidemic (1918-1919) by Dr. Walter R. Rhodes. This review is based on facts and shows without a doubt the chiropractic advantage… MEDICAL TREATMENT = 950 deaths per 10,000CHIROPRACTIC CARE = 25 deaths per 10,000These numbers are backed by facts collected in New York City. In the 1918-1919 flu pandemic, 950 people died out of every 10,000 cases medically treated - and when the illness progressed to pneumonia, then 6,400 died out of every 10,000 cases. In the same epidemic, under drugless methods - which includes chiropractic care - only 25 patients died of influenza out of every 10,000 cases; and only 100 patients died of pneumonia out of every 10,000 cases.Or how about this case?CHIROPRACTORS SAVE 208 LOST MEDICAL CASESIn Oklahoma, chiropractors treated 3,490 cases of influenza with only 7 deaths. Even better, the record shows that in 233 cases where medical doctors had given up all hope, chiropractic care was able to save all but 25 of these people. All but 25 - and this in cases where the doctor had already given up - amazing!MEDICAL DOCTORS: 1 death per 15 patientsCHIROPRACTORS: 1 death in just 789 patientsIn the same flu epidemic, medical doctors treated 93,590 patients, with 6,116 deaths - a loss of one patient out of every 15. In the same state, excluding Davenport, 4,735 patients were treated by chiropractors with a loss of only 6 cases - a loss of one patient out of every 789. THE RECOMMENDATION FOR YOUThe above flu epidemic results are just a simple example of how chiropractic car helped people get well by relying their own immune system. The medical community may often think less of chiropractic care, but mostly that is because they do not understand it.The results from the last flu epidemic is clear.The testimonies that I receive from my patients are resoundingly positive - people with periodic chiropractic care GET LESS SICK than those without.So what are you waiting for?Find yourself a chiropractor and make sure your spine and nervous system are working as it should. Like waiting for a toothache to go get a dental checkup, waiting for a sore back or a sore neck is too late.See you soon - Dr. Steve VanLaecken at SpinalWorks--Dr. T. Steve VanLaeckenwww.SpinalWorks.comSource:

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