Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Appearance

It is commonly understood that a lack of sleep can negatively affect a person's appearance in a large number of ways. There are various ways that a sleepless night will show on a person's face. One of these is in the eyes, which will often be unfocused, with black bags underneath them. The eyes will be unfocused because of the tiredness of the person, and other people will therefore be unsure of whether they are being listened to. A person who has slept badly is also likely to be very pale, and have quite bad skin -this is a result of the skin cells not being able to renew themselves during sleep. A tired person is also likely to yawn a lot, which gives a very bad impression to others.If a person is tired in the morning, they are less likely to care about the way they look. If a person sleeps in, for example, they will have less time to choose their clothes, or to prepare in general for the day ahead. This is likely to make them flustered, and this can lead to stress, which is often visible to onlookers and usually manifests itself on the face. In some jobs this may not be important, but in certain jobs, for example in an office or an environment where clients may have to be met with, appearance and a clear sense of purpose are very important. When working with people it is important to create a good impression, and although it may be controversial appearance is often a large part of this. A person who is visibly stressed and doesn't appear to have taken time over their appearance is unlikely to give a good impression to anyone. All this evidence makes it clear that a good night's sleep is important, in order to ensure appearance and a positive reaction from others. A good mattress is therefore essential, and sleep problems may be evident if a good one is not being used.--For the latest and best memory foam mattresses to ensure that you get your best night's sleep, visit today.Source:

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