Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Save Time And Money: Use A State-Of-The-Art Mammography Workstation

A mammography imaging center relies on a fast yet accurate turnover of high-quality digital images in order to stay in the black. One major way to use less time and therefore save money is to invest in teleradiology solutions for your imaging center or hospital. PACS appliances include the software and server hardware that you need to use at your mammography workstation in order to store, manage, distribute and view your digital medical images. Storage and the Mammography WorkstationYou will save a great deal of money and frustration if you look for a mammography workstation that allows you to start with the storage size that you need, and also lets you expand the storage size in the future if your needs change. Servers for these workstations should use RAID 5 archiving capacity in sizes starting at one terabyte and up for the best storage solution at the most cost-effective price for your hospital or imaging center. Digital storage solutions also help your medical facility to comply with HIPPA regulations more easily and inexpensively.Manage Medical Digital Images On A Mammography Workstation A mammography viewer that utilizes teleradiology allows multiple concurrent users to access and manage the medical digital images. This type of mammo viewer allows for very fast query and retrieval of the specific digital images you need, and these images are much less likely to be misfiled in a digital environment with several layers of identification involved. Your medical facility's full range of medical digital images also must be managed according to HIPPA guidelines, with backup and storage, as well as disaster recovery, taken into consideration. A mammography viewer with the appropriate server and software can help you manage your digital images quickly and easily on a daily basis.View And Distribute Medical Digital Images Using A Mammography ViewerA mammo viewer that is easy to use will save your staff a great deal of time, and will thus also save money. Instead of making multiple queries and retrievals in order to compare images, you will want a mammography viewer that allows you to view multiple studies side by side. A mammo viewer that offers fast retrieval times is also very helpful. Another useful quality in a mammo viewer is to able to customize the pre-fetching of relevant prior digital images and reports. A mammography viewer that allows for the staff to define the mammography report flow needed also improves workflow, and thus all of these features combined allow for faster yet accurate processing of images and reports, all of which helps to save your facility money. Secure distribution of medical reports and digital images is entirely possible when using an effective mammography workstation that is designed to perform all the functions that you need to improve patient care at the best price.--Wayne Hemrick writes about the advent of future technology. In this article he writes about the mammography workstation.Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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