Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Easy to Survive Prostate Cancer, if you know how

I know you might have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but don't let it be the end for you. I want to tell you that as scary as it seems, it's not the end for you. Prostate cancer is deadly, I agree, but lots of people all over the world have survived it. If they could survive it, you can as well. I know of people, personally, who have had the worse prognosis but they ended up surviving it. It's really surprising. One of such persons is the celebrated American motivational speaker - Les Brown. He is a 10+ years prostate cancer conquerer. When he was diagonsed with prostate cancer, the doctors gave him a 2 to 3 years limited prognosis. Did he believe them and go home to lie down dead? Of course not! He didn't believe them. He believed in himself and his God-given ability to heal himself. He first got started by looking for people that have survived prostate cancer in the past, then he tried to learn from them what made them to survive it. With all the information at his disposal, he took action. He took all the actions necessary to survive the prostate cancer. He got involved in all that he learnt could help him survive the prostate cancer. And best of all, he had the strong mindset that he was going to survive it. In other words, he believed it so strongly that he would have been shocked if he didn't survive the prostate cancer. Surviving it was all he had in his mind, almost every time of the day. And indeed he survived it. If you also want to defeat the deadly disease, you can take the same steps that Les Brown took. Take the time to first find out those people who have survived it and ask them for what they did to survive it. Thankfully the Internet is there for you to use in your research. You can locate such people that have successfully defeated prostate cancer using the Internet. There are also forums out there on the Internet of prostate cancer patients and survivors who might have words of encouragement and strategies that they can teach you to survive prostate cancer. I tell you the truth, friend - if you believe you CAN survive prostate cancer, you can survive it. As much as it's a terrible killer illness, it can't kill you unless and until you give up. Keep your head up and stay open and I am very certain you can survive it. After all, you have precedence of other people that have survived it. So, it CAN be done and you CAN do it.--This author is very insightful and pens really delightful articles on Prostate Cancer and Prosate Cancer Cure in his site ===> http://prostatecancervictory.comSource:

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